Youth Instructional Classes

L'il Striders

Wednesdays, April 26-May 24 - Registration open
5:30-6:15 PMstrider
Ages 4-6 yrs.
$47 Resident / $70 Non-resident
Tusseyview Park Basketball Court

Balance bikes simplify what small children have to think about when first learning to ride.  L'il Striders is built around five 45-minute sessions of learning, fun, socialization, and instruction sure to ignite a passion for riding.   Once they’ve developed balance, it’s easier to stick some pedals on and teach them the pedaling motion and how to stop.  Balance bikes are included for class use. 

SC Community Theatre Academy

Tuesdays, February 28-May 9- Registration open
4:30-6 PM
1st-3rd Graders
Fee:  $200R/$300NRSCCT
Park Forest Middle School Auditorium

Mondays & Wednesdays, February 27-May 24- Registration open
5-6:30 PM
4th-8th Graders
Fee:  $320R/$480NR
Park Forest Middle School Auditorium

Centre Region Parks and Recreation is thrilled to partner with State College Community Theatre Academy to offer another session of classes in the Spring of 2023! SCCT teaches Life Skills through Stage Skills, with the goal of teaching valuable theatre skills, including acting, building character, improvisation, musical theatre, and backstage production work. We focus on building foundations and fundamentals of theatre for our younger students and enhancing skills for our older students. Our students will leave with a stronger knowledge of the craft of theatre and will learn life lessons in creativity, teamwork, focus, and communication. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or this will be your first time ever on stage, there's a place for you at the Academy! Instructor: Kerry Clancy, State College Community Theatre. 


muck n messCheck back for dates!
Thursdays, April 27-May 23 - Registration opens 12/27
10-10:45 AM
Ages 3-5 yrs. 
$47 Resident / $70 Non-Resident
Tom Tudek Memorial Park, Pavilion #1

Dress your kids in their play clothes and come ready to get mucky and messy! Your kids will have a blast getting their hands gooey and ooey while creating artwork, completing science experiments, and playing messy! Parent participation is encouraged. Messes are encouraged and we handle the clean-up! 

CodeWiz Online Coding 

Code Wiz offers small group, individualized coding programs for students and is aligned with the K–12 Computer Science Framework and represents a vision in which all students engage in the concepts and practices of computer science. We are passionate about inspiring the next generation, helping kids to unlock their inner genius, and love watching them get excited about coding!  

For All CodeWiz Programs:  
• No prior coding knowledge or experience is required 
• Each class is virtual through Zoom   
• Necessary equipment: A modern PC or Mac computer with at least 4GB of RAM and 256MB processor speed. Tablets are not supported for online class use.CodeWiz Logo
• Minecraft & Roblox classes need PCs or MACs. Chromebooks will not suffice for these classes.
• A USB headset
• A web camera
• A computer mouse will be helpful for these classes
• High-speed internet
• Zoom App installed 

Code Wiz: Make Roblox Games (Live Online)

Thursdays, January 12-February 16 - Registration open
Thursdays, March 9-April 13 - Registration open
5-6 PM
8-14 yrs.
Live on Zoom
$160 Resident / $240 Non-residentcoding

Become a Roblox game wiz using Lua! Create versions of your fairytale universe with Roblox. Roblox studio has all the tools to make your wildest gaming imaginations a reality. In this camp, you and other passionate kids will learn how to make use of the many tools on Roblox to code terrific games, relaying your imaginative capabilities to the world. Through drag and drop techniques, you’ll be creating extensions to the Roblox game while fostering your creativity and learning real-world computer coding. Your child will learn how to program within Roblox Studio using the LUA programming language. They will learn how to use the Roblox Studio 3D game engine by designing a 3D world, scripting different objects, Debugging code, and by learning the life cycle of game development.

CodeWiz: Minecraft World Builder (Live Online)

Wednesdays, January 11-February 15 - Registration open
Wednesdays, March 8-April 12 - Registration open
6:30-7:30 PM
6-12 yrs.
Live on Zoom
$160 Resident / $240 Non-resident

The Minecraft economy has never been as exciting as Minecraft World Builder, in this class, you will learn how to run a city, manage money, and protect the environment, all within the 3D world of Minecraft! This camp is not coding-based but more real-world economics, city planning, and life management! In Minecraft World Builder, you will be a part of a committee and learn to manage money by building your ever-growing city with your peers. All by using the Minecraft World Builder mods!
Your child will learn real-life money management, town designing, environment protection, public speaking, presentation skills, and economics all within the very popular 3D video game Minecraft.

Let's Be Creative! Art Classespaint supplies

Mondays, January 9-30 - Registration open
Mondays, February 27-March 27 - Registration open
4:30-5:45 PM
Ages 8-10 yrs. 
$64 Resident / $96 Non-Resident
Savage Art Studio, Park Forest

Mondays, January 9-30 - Registration open
Mondays, February 27-March 27 - Registration open
6-7:15 PM
Ages 11-14 yrs. 
$64 Resident / $96 Non-Resident
Savage Art Studio, Park Forest

Lessons focus on teaching the building blocks of art for students to use to tap into their own thoughts, imaginations, and personalities to develop their own style of art. Students will learn to appreciate new art styles through the study of prominent artists and their lives. Students will work with pencils, colored pencils, pens, and watercolor. Students will use their originality and playfulness to complete multiple exercises, projects, and discussions in each class. Please bring a 5x7 sketchbook with mixed media paper. Instructor: Lori Savage