Youth Scholarship Program

The Centre Region Parks and Recreation Agency is a local government agency serving five municipalities in the Centre Region and is committed to providing quality recreation opportunities to all children residing inGive A Child Wings! those municipalities. While the fees associated with those opportunities represent a philosophy that the participant should cover the costs of providing the service, the Authority has also authorized the Agency to provide a Youth Scholarship Program to enable more children the opportunity to participate in community recreation opportunities.
To do this, the Agency’s Youth Scholarship Program was started. Final action on each request depends upon scholarship fund availability, the number of requests submitted by residents, and qualifying requirements. Accordingly, please complete one request form for each youth in the household that is requesting a scholarship for a Centre Region Parks and Recreation program. Please be aware, only two (2) scholarships are available, per child, each calendar year (Jan. 1-Dec. 31). All applicants must be residents of a participating municipality (Borough of State College and the Townships of College, Ferguson, Harris, and Patton), and they should be 17 years or younger in age.
Starting in 2021, our verification process will be slightly different. For the service(s) or assistance you are receiving through an agency that is part of the Centre County Council of Human Services (CCCHS), you will ask your assigned counselor to complete the verification section. If you are not receiving services or assistance through a CCCHS agency, you will not be eligible for our scholarship. Once your verification is complete by that Agency (section signed by counselor), you will then turn in the scholarship form to the Centre Region Parks and Recreation Agency Director for review.
Please plan accordingly as you will need to turn in this form at a minimum of two weeks prior to any program starting to allow for processing time. This is very important and we ask that all parents watch for enrollment deadlines, enrollment limits, etc. If a program has limited enrollment, the earlier you can complete your scholarship application, the earlier we can enroll your child before enrollment spaces are filled.
Scholarship amounts available:
1) 100% scholarships for single-week specialty camps, summer pool passes*, classes, or programs.
2) Camp cluster scholarships for KIDVenture (not operating in 2021) or Rec In The Parks Summer Camps:
     Full session (all weeks) = 50% scholarship**
     4-week session = 40% scholarship**
     1-week session = 35% scholarships *
Pool passes now count toward the total scholarships available each calendar year (2).
**Must enroll in all full session (all weeks) or four (4) week sessions at the same time to be eligible for the camp cluster scholarship. A cluster counts as one scholarship for the calendar year.
An applicant only needs to complete one application form every six months. Applicants should notify the Agency when a scholarship has been awarded but is no longer needed, so that those funds can be repurposed for other children. If an applicant can no longer attend the program, please notify the Agency as well. The Agency reserves the right to make a funding exception due to extenuating circumstances, no matter the verification provided by an Agency of the Centre County Council of Human Services Agency.

To apply for a CRPR Youth Scholarship, please read the qualification guidelines and then complete the Fillable Youth Scholarship Request Form for each youth in the household that is requesting a scholarship for a CRPR recreation program or activity; please do not register for the program until the scholarship has been considered by CRPR. Scholarships are not available for registrations made via the RecDesk Customer Portal prior to requesting a scholarship. Be sure to save this form before closing or your data may be lost.  Submit the form with verification via email, mail, or drop-off your form to our main office.

Please complete the scholarship request at a minimum of two weeks prior to the posted registration deadline or if a program / activity does not have a posted deadline, then at least two weeks before the program begins.

To make a gift to help support youth scholarships, please visit our sponsorship page.