General Park Rules

These general park rules apply to all municipal parks and recreation areas as well as Millbrook Marsh Nature Center, Welch Pool, Park Forest Pool, Oak Hall Regional Park and the Hess Softball Complex.

The following are prohibited by municipal ordinances in the parks:

  • The use of park facilities by any organized, non-family group without obtaining a permit in advance from Centre Region Parks and Recreation.
  • Posting of signs, distributing, selling, servicing or renting of any supplies, equipment, material or commodity whatsoever or soliciting for any purpose, except by permit.
  • Any use of a park between sunset and sunrise, except by permit.
  • Possession or use of any alcoholic beverage.
  • Boisterous, immoral, or indecent conduct.
  • Discarding of trash, garbage, or other litter, except into containers provided for that purpose.
  • The discharge of any firearms, bows, air guns, rockets, slingshots, or fireworks (except by permit in a designated & posted area).
  • Operation of any radio-controlled or tethered aircraft except by permit.
  • Operating, stopping or parking of any vehicle or horseback riding, except on designated roads/areas.
  • In all parks, pet owners are required to immediately clean up after their pet.
  • Damaging, defacing, or removing municipal property, signs, structures, equipment or any other park items or materials.
  • No fires shall be set in any park except in areas where fires are designated as permitted (i.e., in charcoal grills) or except as authorized by permit.

Dogs in Parks

Each municipality has adopted ordinances regarding pets in municipal park areas. The pet ordinances and penalties have been developed to ensure a pleasant park visit and address potential health and safety concerns. In all parks, pet owners are required to immediately clean up after their pet.  To assist with ordinance compliance, CRPR currently maintains 60 doggie waste bag dispensers at 21 parks across the Centre Region. 

Pets are prohibited in all State College Borough municipal parks except . . . that State College Borough Council has approved permitting pets on-leash (maximum 6') at:

  • Lederer Park (1101 Univ. Drive)
  • Walnut Springs Park (the corner of University Drive and Walnut Springs Lane).

At Orchard Park (at Blue Course and Bayberry Drives), pets on leash are permitted only on the paved bike path through the park and the perimeter sidewalks, but not in the park (turf, park paths and interior sidewalks).

In the Townships of College, Ferguson, Patton, and Harris, pets are permitted only on a leash (maximum 6'), and pet owners are required to immediately clean up after their pet. No pets are permitted in the areas of the playground equipment or picnic pavilions in the township parks or nature center. Pets on a leash are permitted on the grounds and boardwalk at Millbrook Marsh Nature Center.

Except for inside the Tudek Dog Park, at ALL park areas, pets must always be "ON LEASH."

In Patton Township, the Board of Supervisors has established special regulations for "Patton Woods Natural Recreation Area (formerly "Circleville Woods") at 2950 Circleville Rd.: 

  1. 24-hour use is permitted, 
  2. Dogs are allowed off-leash under owner control and within sight distance of owner), and 
  3. Hunting is permitted from Sept. 16 - Jan. 31 and prohibited from Feb. 1 - Sept. 15 each year. 

This site is operated by Patton Township and is not classified as a "municipal park."