My Veteran/My Hero Tribute Trees

My Veteran/My Hero Tribute Tree

Welcome to our My Veteran/My Hero page.  If you landed on this web page using a QR Code from Oak Hall Regional Park, please see our veteran's/hero's list below.  Click on the veteran's/hero's name and the biography for each veteran/hero will open in a new window!  

Leon E. Achenbach
Dean D. Amick
E. Stratford Smith, Esq.
David Felkoff
Harold K. Woodhead Sr.
Clarence “Sonny” Vernon Slover
Donald Lee Carpenter
Joseph K. Hollander
Roy Franklin Harpster
Seymour "Sy" Barash
Bellefonte Elks Lodge #1094
Adolph Hoehling III
Charles Henry Slattery
Gregory Stuart Salokangas
Paul Charles Sheets

The Centre Region Parks and Recreation Authority offers the opportunity to honor your Veteran or Hero through our tree planting program. The My Veteran/My Hero Tribute Tree Program is currently focused at regional parks, including Oak Hall Regional Park and Whitehall Road Regional Park. This program not only gives those an opportunity to honor their Veteran or Service Member, but also helps to beautify local parkland. This special initiative allows loved ones to honor and remember eligible Veterans/Heroes who have actively served in the US Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Merchant Marines, and Army Air Corps.

To reserve a Tribute Tree for your Veteran/Hero, please contact the CRPR Office at 814-231-3071. A minimum donation of $400 will honor your Veteran/Hero with a 2” caliper shade tree. Included with each My Veteran/My Hero tree is a post-mounted, anodized aluminum plaque beside each tree. A special QR code included on the plaque links to a CRPR webpage where your Veteran/Hero’s photo and biography resides.  Please note that the selection of an American Beech or Cucumber Magnolia tree will increase the donation to $475.

Donations are accepted year-round with planting taking place every Spring. Donations received after March 15th will be applied to the following year’s Spring planting.  Trees are guaranteed for one-year; anytime after this period, trees can be replaced by the purchaser at the cost of the replacement tree.  Tree location is at the sole discretion of the Department’s Horticulturist and is based on each park’s master plan.

To make your donation, please complete the My Veteran/My Hero Form. My Veteran/My Hero Tree Donations may be made in person or by phone. You can also mail your donation to: Centre Region Parks and Recreation Authority, 2040 Sandy Drive, Suite A, State College, PA 16803, or contact the Agency at 814-231-3071.

Ruby Red Horsechestnut  *  River Birch  *  Sugar Maple  *  Swamp White Oak  *  Northern Red Oak  *  White Pine  *  Blue Spruce  *  American Beech  *  Tulip Poplar  *  Serviceberry  *  Dogwood  *  Blackgum  *  Redbud  *  Honeylocust  *  Sweetgum  *   London Planetree  *  Crabapple  *  Littleleaf Linden  *  American Hornbeam  *  Hackberry  *  Gingko  *  Kentucky Coffeetree  *  Dawn Redwood  *  Bald Cypress  *  Paperbark Maple  *  Scarlet Oak  *  Okame Cherry  *  Norway Spruce  *  Tree Lilac  *  Weeping Willow  *  Bur Oak  *  Elm (resistant varieties)  *  Catalpa  *  Red Maple  * Cucumber Magnolia

*This above-noted tree species list is a comprehensive list of all approved species that may be planted in the region. However, these species are considered site-specific based on mature size, habitat needs, long-term growing requirements, and must be approved by the Department Horticulturist via the master plan of each municipal park before being selected as a Remembrance Tree for any of the available parks.