About the CRPR Authority

Active Adult Center Grand Opening

The Authority typically meets on the third Thursday of each month at 12:15 PM for their regular meeting, which is open to the public; during the colder months, the meetings are held in the CRCOG Building’s Forum Room, and during the warmer months, the Authority will rotate its meeting to various parks and facilities throughout the region. The Authority’s agendas, meeting minutes, and meeting schedule are posted here.

Additionally, the Authority meets jointly with the CRCOG Parks Capital Committee and that regular meeting is typically the second Thursday of each month. These meetings are held in the CRCOG Building’s Forum Room at 12:15 PM, and the meeting is open to the public. The Joint Meeting’s agendas, meeting minutes, and meeting schedule are posted here.  Oak Hall Regional Park Grand Opening

The Authority and Agency staff set goals via the approved 2015-2010 Stratetic Plan.  Currently, the Authority and COG, through a Steering Committee of elected officials and Agency staff, are working on the Parks and Recreation Regional Comprehensive Study, which when complete, will provide an update to the Agency's Strategic Plan.

Additionally, the Authority operates using the 2014 Authority By-Laws which provide direction for policy and procedure.

Many members of the Authority also participate in their municipality's Parks and Recreation Committee; this dual service provides a great conduit between the Authority/Agency and the municipality.  Typically, information that is shared includes Capital Improvement Projects, timelines of various park improvements, recommended programming for the community, policies and procedures, and more.  You can find more information about your municipality's Parks and Recreation Committee here

We also have an extensive history of the department located in our History section.  There are year-by-year details and milestones contained in this History section.

To read more about CRPR and current accomplishments and newsworthy items, please visit our News and Media page.

To see the list of 80+ volunteers who have served on the CRPR Authority since its inception, click here. Thank you to everyone who has served