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Summer Camp Exploration

The Centre Region Parks and Recreation Agency is a local government agency serving five municipalities in the Centre Region and is committed to providing quality recreation opportunities to all children residing in those municipalities. While the fees associated with those opportunities represent a philosophy that the participant should cover the costs of providing the service, the Authority has also authorized the Agency to provide a Youth Scholarship Program to enable more children the opportunity to participate in community recreation opportunities.

In order to support this program, CRPR utilizes donations through fundraising, grants, and the generous support of individuals like you!  For example, in 2017, CRPR received a Field-Of-Interest grant from the Ben Franklin Fund, via Centre Foundation. Funds that the Agency raised during Centre Gives also went toward the scholarship program.  These funds were used to support several youth scholarships that year.  Because the CRPR Authority is a 509(1)a non-profit, we are able to accept donations and provide a tax-deduction to that corporation or individual. 

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To read about the process to apply for a scholarship, review or download the scholarship application.

If you would like to help others attend a summer camp or participate in a program or sport, we would love to have your support for our Youth Scholarship Program, and you can contribute in one of three ways.  You can provide your donation online through our ActiveNet Registration site; this link takes you right to our donation page for our Youth Scholarship Program.  You can also mail a donation to CRPR at 2040 Sandy Drive, Suite A, State College, PA 16803.  You will receive a receipt from the Agency with our tax ID number and a notation of your donation amount.  You can also shop atAmazon Smile Supports CRPR Amazon Smile and Amazon Smile makes a .5% donation of all sales to our Agency; these funds support our Youth Scholarships as well.