About Puddle Jumpers

A Nature Play Experience for 3 to 5 year olds


“We must give children a chance to love the earth before we ask them to save it.” 

~David Sobel

The Puddle Jumpers program for preschoolers mixes outdoor exploration with fundamental learning through hands-on experiences at Millbrook Marsh Nature Center! The Puddle Jumper's mission is to instill a life-long passion and appreciation for the environment through positive experiences with the natural world. This 3-hour drop-off program is offered on Tuesdays and Thusdays from 9am-12pm for potty trained children ages 3-5 years old. This program includes unstructured, imaginative exploration and structured, nature based, hands-on learning. Kids should bring a snack each day and dress for the weather. We love to get outside and see mother nature at work! Rain, snow and ice are amazing wonders! More parent information will be provided after program registration. 

What is Nature Play?

Nature play is simply an intuitive and unstructured interaction with diverse natural elements, materials, organisms, and habitats, where children and adults play and learn through sensory, fine motor and gross motor experiences. For centuries, nature play has been a natural part of our childhood. Our intention is to continue this beneficial tradition. 

What are the benefits to nature-based curriculum?

  • Improves physical fitness
  • Helps maintain healthy immune system  
  • Creates lasting connections with nature
  • Developes an understanding of science  
  • Supports better academic performances
  • Improves mental health

Each session is different, so sign up for both by calling the CRPR office at 814-231-3071!

Fall Session: Aug. 28 – Dec. 20, 2018

Omit Nov. 20 & 22

15% Early Bird Discount, Register by July 2, 2018

Tuesdays & Thursdays

Two Day Fee: $900R/$1,200N

Two Day Monthly Payment Plan: $225R/$300N

Tuesdays Only


One Day Fee: $450R/$600N

One Day Monthly Payment Plan: $112.50R/$150N


Thursdays Only

Spring Session: Jan. 15 – May 16, 2019

Omit March 5 & 7

15% Early Bird Discount, Register by Nov. 19, 2018

Tuesdays & Thursdays

Two Day Fee: $900R/$1,200N

Two Day Monthly Payment Plan: $225R/$300N

Tuesdays Only

One Day Fee: $450R/$600N

One Day Monthly Payment Plan: $112.50R/$150N


Thursdays Only

R/N = Resident Fee/Nonresident Fee

Payment plan registration available by phone only. For assistance, call Centre Region Parks and Recreation at 814-231-3071.

Parents say...

"There’s always really cool and new hands-on activities to do until everyone arrives, then morning circle time. Each child gets a special task (filling the bird feeders, turning out the lights, etc.) assigned to them each week that they rotate through. They spend most of the time outside in the marsh, all year round, unless thunder storming, of course. Really smart, creative and patient teachers!! I can’t express how impressed I am with them. And my kids won’t get this kind of learning opportunity in public school going forward."        ~Laura Yocum, State College