Large Groups, Special Events, & Fundraisers

A Large Group / Special Event / Fundraiser can be defined as any event that exceeds 75 people, and/or an open event to which the general public is invited where the number of visitors may exLarge Groupsceed this number. 

This policy applies to:

  • All municipal park areas, including the Sidney Friedman Parklet
  • The community swimming pools, and
  • Orchard Park Amphitheater

Millbrook Marsh Nature Center’s rates for rentals related to Large Groups/Special Events/Fundraisers can be found here. All large groups/special events/fundraisers must follow the rules and regulations posted here, but the Marsh’s rate structure is different.

Permits must be secured for large groups/special events/fundraisers AT LEAST 60 days in advance.

CRPR is charged by the various municipalities with overseeing large group activities at the parks including pavilion rentals, special events requests, and fundraisers.

The following types of large group events are subject to the provisions of this policy:
  • Community events sponsored by Centre Region-based civic or social organizations
  • Fundraising events sponsored by a Centre Region-based non-profit group or agency to benefit a Centre Region-based program
  • Centre Region-based company picnic involving more than 75 visitors
  • Special athletic or sporting events by a Centre Region-based group
  • Concerts or public performances at any park
  • Special events at Tudek Dog Park, and
  • Other events as determined by the Director or CRPR Authority.

To read the full policy as it relates to all Large Groups/Special Events/Fundraisers including fees, please click here for the excerpt from the 2018 Approved Fee Policy.