Sponsorship Opportunities

Become A Sponsor

CRPR has unveiled its new Sponsorship Opportunities Brochure for all of its Special Events throughout the year; this new process will allow our partner organizations to pick and choose events and sponsorships that fit their budgets, timelines, and public outreach needs, and will reduce the amount of times they are contacted about sponsorships or donations.

Sponsors are now able to see the entire year's opportunities in one place from our large, regional special events to our smaller park-based events, to some al a carte selections that allow sponsors to opt-in for the event or events that best meet their needs.

Read more about our Sponsorship Opportunities!  If you'd like to complete a contract in advance of meeting with us, you can download the contract!  Contact CRPR at 814-231-3071 to schedule a meeting to discuss your sponsorship and advertising opportunities!