Active Adult Center Rentals

The Active Adult Center moved into its new location in January, 2017 and has officially settled into its new space. The Active Adult Center serves patrons, ages 55 and over, Monday-Friday between 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM with a variety of programming, specialty clubs, line dancing, health screenings, and daily hot meals.

There are limited opportunities to rent the multi-purpose room, the small game area, or the kitchen and seating area. The majority of available rental times occurs in the evenings or on the weekends; rental requests will be evaluated based on space available.

The rental fees for the Center’s spaces are as follows
  1. Multi-Purpose Room - $25/hour
  2. Small Game Area - $15/hour
  3. Kitchen and Dining Area - $50/hour
Following policies are in place for Active Adult Center rentals
  1. All rentals must be within operational guidelines set by the Nittany Mall’s operational hours. Because operational hours can change, Active Adult Center staff will review rental requests at the time of booking.
  2. Rental application must be submitted at least two weeks in advance and will be considered based on availability. Active Adult Center activities take precedence and second priority is given to CRPR general programming before third-party rentals will be considered.
  3. A $50 security deposit is required in addition to the rental fee and payable at time of reservation. The security deposit will be refunded if the Center is left in good, operational condition and no additional expenses are required for custodial work.
  4. Once a permit is issued, any change (room, date, time) to that reservation will require a Permit Revision Fee of $20.
  5. Proof of Liability Insurance must be submitted prior to all non-family rentals. The Certificate of Insurance should list CRPR/Centre Region Parks and Recreation Authority and Nittany Mall as additional insured.
  6. The rental applicant must receive a facility tour and training from the Active Adult Center Staff on various operations, locking procedures, and kitchen specifics at least 24 hours prior to rental. Additional arrangements will need to be made regarding picking up and returning the key.
  7. Any cancellation seven (7) or more calendar days prior to the reserved time is eligible for a refund, credit, or transfer to another date or site (in the same year) except for the deduction of a $5 Administrative Fee.
  8. Any cancellation less than seven (7) days prior to the reserved time is not eligible for a refund, credit, or transfer.
Active Adult Center Trips

The refund deadline for trips is set for two weeks prior to the scheduled trip. With respect to withdrawals and cancellations:

  1. Full refunds will be provided to registrants for trips that are cancelled or withdrawn by the agency or the tour company.
  2. For registrants, a full refund or credit, less a $5 service fee, will be provided to trip registrants who provide notice to the Active Adult Center Office no less than 14 calendar days before the trip. No refund or credit can be provided less than 14 calendar days before a trip. However, that person may transfer their space and payment to another individual. It shall not be the responsibility of the staff to facilitate these transfers.