Sports Field Rentals

Softball Tournament
Click here for the Sports Field Roster and click here for the Facility Request Form.

The following reservation procedures apply in 2018 for all sites on the Sports Field Roster:

  • All sports fields use must be in compliance with the CRPR Safe Sports Fields Policy especially in regard to weather-related cancellations. The agency strives to accommodate weather-related cancellations and permits for makeups.
  • Organizations must provide, in advance, the required insurance certificates and waivers.
  • Per municipal ordinances, the possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages on park properties is prohibited.
  • On a per-event basis, the CRPR Director is authorized to adjust the provisions of the policy to accommodate special situations.
  • All other sports fields sites are available for site-appropriate use and permits at no charge, upon advance confirmation by CRPR staff.

A. Daily Sports Fields Reservations
Groups requesting the reservation of a sports field, with or without a pavilion reservation, are subject to a Sport Field Reservation Fee of $20 per field for up to 3 hours; in addition to the Pavilion Reservation Fee and/or Large Groups/Special Events/Fundraiser fees, if applicable. If needed, additional 3-hour time blocks may be reserved at $20 per field, due at time of reservation. Sports field permit revisions due to weather conditions are exempt from the Permit Revision Fee.

B. Seasonal Sports Fields Reservations
For groups wishing to reserve one or more fields for an entire “sport season” (3-month maximum), the 2018 Reservation Fees are:

Softball/Baseball Fields:

$275 per field per sport-season for Resident Groups
$415 per field per sport-season for Non-Resident Groups

Soccer/Lacrosse/Football Fields*:

$380 per field per sport-season for Resident Groups
$570 per field per sport-season for Non-Resident Groups

Resident groups are those with an organizational address within the 5 participating municipalities or with at least 50% of the participants residing in one of those municipalities and are verified by a complete roster.

* The Seasonal Use Fee includes an initial lining on soccer, lacrosse, and football fields ensuring that fields are located in a safe and approved area. Lining of softball and baseball fields is not provided for seasonal reservations, except for league games organized and operated by CRPR. For routine lining services, see the Sports Fields Lining Fees listed below.

C. Tournaments
Tournament Reservation Permit Fee

  • A Tournament Reservation Permit Fee of $130 per field per day for the Hess Softball Complex and Oak Hall Regional Park sites and $175 per field per day for each satellite tournament field (any sport field outside of the Hess or Oak Hall complexes) is required for 1-3 day tournaments. This fee includes field-lining services by CRPR.
  • Similar fees also apply for soccer and other tournaments involving Fogleman Field Complex and other areas, depending upon the specific arrangements required for each tournament as determined by CRPR staff.
  • For multiple-day events, a minimum Tournament Reservation Permit Fee of $500 must be paid-in-full at least 30 days prior to each tournament.
  • Any outstanding balance of the Tournament Reservation Permit Fee must be paid-in-full by noon on the first day of the tournament.
  • A refund of Tournament Reservation Permit Fees is provided only if a tournament is cancelled 10 or more business days before the scheduled event.

Annual Tournament Services Fee

  • Organizations hosting two or more multi-day tournaments per year are subject to a non-refundable $400 Annual Tournament Services Fee with their Tournament Reservation Request. This fee provides the materials and labor to provide safe, playable sport fields during the season (except following extreme weather events).

Other Policies

  • If weather conditions prohibit or delay tournament play, CRPR will schedule facilities for make-up games at no additional charge; those facilities will be provided pending available dates for the requested sport fields.
  • Tournament Organizers are responsible for reimbursing CRPR for any extra repair and clean-up costs associated with their tournament (non-weather related); additional fees will be invoiced net 30 days.

Portable Outfield Fences (for softball / baseball games requiring shorter outfields)
The Portable Fence Fee provides for the use, set-up, and removal of portable outfield fencing at John Hess Softball Complex and Oak Hall Regional Park. The fee is $75 per field for “one set-up and one removal” (multi-day tournaments are not charged for multiple days). Groups must request and pay for the portable fencing at least two weeks in advance.

Sports Fields Lining Fees
Field lining services can be provided by CRPR for a fee of $85 per layout per week (fee may vary pending field size and type).

Hess Softball Field Complex – Sports Fields Lighting Fee
Use of the lights on Hess Field #H1 is provided for scheduled tournaments as part of the Tournament Fee. Requests by groups using the field for other uses are accepted at a rate of $45 per hour (full-hour increments only) in addition to the standard sports fields reservation fee. The field lights are set to automatically turn off at 10:15 PM.

Outfield Fence Banners
The agency continues to offer businesses and organizations the opportunity to show their support for active recreation by purchasing a 4’ x 6’ vinyl banner at the Hess Softball Field Complex and Oak Hall Regional Park. Promotional banners are displayed on outfield fences for the 2018 season (Apr-Oct). Full details of this program are available on the CRPR website. 2018 Banner sponsorship fees are listed below: Processing the banner order upon sponsor payment, producing, and posting the banner is provided within 30 days. A supplemental “Graphics Fee” of $50 per image will apply if the requested logo/image is not provided in the specified file format.

One Field (at Hess or Oak Hall) $300
Two Fields (1 at Hess & 1 at Oak Hall) $500 (for identical banners)

Tennis Courts

CRPR is authorized to issue reservation permits to non-profit, community groups for use of the municipal tennis courts for public, non-commercial tennis activities. SCASD Tennis Courts remain scheduled by the District and are not included. The reserved courts are scheduled to permit open court time for public use.

In 2018 CRPR will again operate and schedule 20 tennis courts at 10 parks:

  • College Twp. (6) Dalevue Park (1 court), Nittany Orchard Park (1 court), Spring Creek Park (4 courts)
  • Patton Twp. (6) Green Hollow Park (2 courts), Bernel Road Park (4 courts)
  • State College Boro (5) High Point Park (1 court), Orchard Park (2 courts), Tusseyview Park (1 courts)
  • Ferguson Twp. (4) Tom Tudek Memorial Park (2 courts), Suburban Park (2 courts)

For 2018, CRPR has re-lined the following 10 courts to allow for both tennis and pickleball:

  • College Twp. (2) Dalevue Park (1 court), Nittany Orchard Park (1 court)
  • Patton Twp. (4) Bernel Road Park (4 courts)
  • State College Boro (2) High Point Park (1 court), Tusseyview Park (1 courts)
  • Ferguson Twp. (2) Suburban Park (2 courts)

Reservation Request Schedule:
All recreation-related requests must be submitted to CRPR in writing by a specific date prior to their season:

  • WINTER (Jan-Mar): (Not applicable for sports fields use)
  • SPRING/SUMMER (Apr-Aug): March 1, 2018 application deadline
  • FALL (Sept-Nov): August 1, 2018 application deadline
  • TOURNAMENTS January 2, 2018 application deadline

The field reservation system includes only “regional-use” sports fields, not “neighborhood” fields.