Regional Parks

The Parks Capital Committee was formed in 2002 (as the COG Ad Hoc Regional Parks Committee) and for 2018 will continue to meet at 12:15 PM on the 2nd Thursday of each month at the COG Building Forum Room. Their meetings are conducted as Joint Meetings with the Centre Region Parks and Recreation Authority.

Originally, the committee was created to assist with the funding and oversight of the development of the regional parks in the Centre Region which includes the three parks noted below. 
The Committee's responsibilities include: 

  • To recommend the designation of regional park facilities (i.e., facilities involving joint capital funding such as regional parks, swimming pools, nature centers, etc.) to the General Forum.
  • To develop and recommend a funding strategy for the planning, development and operation of regional park facilities to the General Forum.
  • To cooperate with the Centre Region Parks and Recreation Authority in the preparation of recommended master site plans for regional recreation facilities for referral to the General Forum and/or the participating municipalities.
  • To study and prepare recommendations on regional parks as requested by the Executive Committee.

CRPR operates three regional parks that provide a multitude of services and amenities.

Hess Softball Complex, located in Harris Township, is one of the main softball complexes for CRPR leagues and local and regional tournaments.

Oak Hall Regional Park, which opened in 2015, is another key park for active and passive recreation. This park is located in College Township and partially in Harris Township, and has one of the best views of Happy Valley and Mt. Nittany. This park also serves as one of the main complexes for CRPR softball leagues and local and regional softball tournaments. Youth and Adult Flag Football is also hosted at the park along with other activities. Passive recreation opportunities exist at this park as well. 

Whitehall Road Regional Park has an approved Master Plan and staff are currently reviewing the plan in order the finalize the Phase I design.  At this the time, the public-private partnership created to assist with providing road access, utilities, and off-site improvements required by PennDOT, is moving forward, and construction on those pieces of infrastructure should begin in 2018.  Overall, the 100-acre park facility will be a mix of active and passive recreation use and will be built in several phases; Phase I will include approximately 40-50 acres.

    These parks are defined as regional parks first and foremost because of how their purchase and construction were funded through the Centre Region Council of Governments (CRCOG) and the various municipal members, along with grant funding through the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. These parks are also considered regional because of the services they provide; while many of the programs and participants are Centre Region residents, there are many non-residents who travel to these facilities for tournaments or special events. Typically, a regional park also provides amenities that may not be hosted at other local neighborhood or community parks.

    For park maps, amenities, and more details on the regional parks’ histories and oversight, please click on each park's name above for more information.