Pavilion Rentals


Centre Region Parks and Recreations manages and maintains over 50 park sites within the Centre Region. Additionally, the department manages the Picnic Pavilion Rental Program with 31 pavilions available for reservations annually from the first Saturday in April through the last weekend in October. Pavilion rentals are now accepted, no more than one year in advance.

Each year, the department reviews customer feedback and discusses the rental program with the Parks Maintenance Staff to adjust rates and policies whenever necessary. The Agency completed a thorough review in the fall of 2017 and has updated the rental program for 2018.

Please view the Park Pavilion Roster which will provide each pavilion’s size, park location/municipality, seating capacity, number of regular and handicap-accessible tables and grills, restroom information, and electricity availability.

Once you have confirmed the pavilion size and location that you’re interested in, you can confirm that pavilion’s rental fees and general policies and procedures by viewing the 2018 Park Pavilion Fees & Policies. New this year are small pavilion rates for groups who are hosting a small picnic or birthday party, and large pavilion rates for larger group events (up to 75 people), such as family reunions or other similar activities.

For those who are interested in a small or large pavilion rental for groups fewer than 75 people, once you have read through the rental program outline, chosen your pavilion, and read through the policies and procedures, you can download the Pavilion Rental Request Form (75 people or less) and submit it to CRPR. Please note, this is a PDF Fillable document; you can complete it online, then save it to your computer, and either email it to us, mail it to us, or bring it to CRPR’s main office.

If you are interested in hosting a Large Group / Special Event / Fundraiser, please read through the Large Group / Special Events / Fundraisers Policies to understand the initial requirements for these facility rentals. The most important notation to remember for these rentals is that the rental procedures should start at least 60 days in advance. CRPR will not accept any requests that are less than 60 days in advance. Please contact CRPR at 814-231-3071 or via email to start this process.  Online forms are not available for these types of rentals.

Please note that commercial activities are not allowed within any municipal park.

A commercial activity involves selling goods or services to the public. Commercial activities are prohibited in all parks, except as specifically permitted by the Director of Parks & Recreation or the elected officials of the municipality that owns the park. In the case of the two public swimming pools, the Centre Region Parks & Recreation Authority must approve all requests for commercial activities. Organizers must allow 60 days prior to the event to obtain the necessary approvals.

If a commercial activity is found operating within a park without a permit, the Director of CRPR has the right to request that the vendor cease all activity immediately. Additional steps will be taken if that request is not heeded by the vendor.