Recent Sightings

Millbrook Marsh Nature Center is a wonderful place to observe wetland flora and fauna. Visit this page periodically to check out the interesting seasonal sightings of this spectacular place. See something interesting during your hike? Please share it with us!

merganserHooded Merganser

As you walk the marsh, chances are you will spot a large group of Mallard Ducks in the water. Look closely because you may spot one that is not like the others. Hooded Mergansers are not often spotted at Millbrook Marsh Nature Center so seeing one is a treat. Check out eBird to see the species birders are spotting at Millbrook Marsh!

foxRed Fox 

A kind visitor reported a red fox sighting on the boardwalk. The red fox is typically found in farmlands, brush lands, forests and suburban housing developments. While they are often spotted in the cow pastures across the street, it is rare to spot one directly on the boardwalk. Red foxes are typically an elusive animal and can take a keen eye to observe one in nature.

red osier branchesRed Osier Dogwood

Cornus sericea
As the foliage falls, the vibrant red stems of the Red Osier Dogwood are exposed, creating an attractive winter scene. The stems and winter buds provide valuable winter food for our herd of white-tailed deer while the berries provide a nutritional fall food source for migrating birds.