Yoga Group on Grounds
Instructional Use of Grounds

Leaders of groups wishing to use the nature center Instructional Areas for self-guided activities must contact the Nature Center to schedule the visit. Group use of the Grounds/Walk-through Only that prevent other groups or Nature Center staff from using the Instructional Areas are considered a rental and fees apply.

Group Use of Grounds Only and/or Group Walk-through Only

There are no fees for groups with fewer than 25 people who arrive and walk through the Nature Center grounds, however a permit is required. This option permits no use of or access to buildings, interior equipment, or any shelter in case of rain. In view of the size of the marsh, the agency may grant permits for more than one group per time period, depending on the activity and area of use. Groups of 25 or more, or groups wishing to make use of designated instructional areas, must request a permit under Category #8.

Group Use of Instructional Areas

Permit Required; Fee $60 for 2 hours plus $20 for each additional hour. Groups that wish to use the Grounds & Instructional Areas (i.e., school groups, self-guided field trips) have priority access to these areas during the time of the rental. No access to the barn, wetlab, or pavilion is granted unless reserved separately. Group size is limited to 2 classrooms, or 50 people, to protect the marsh ecosystem. Event times and the fees are calculated upon total event times, including any set-up and clean-up. Instructional areas are defined as the boardwalk observation/viewing decks, sun shelters, field areas, boardwalk bridges and bird blind.

Centre Region Parks and Recreation (CRPR) may specify permitted use-areas, schedules, and all activity locations that are in the best interest of the Nature Center. In addition, CRPR may establish the level of training required of group leaders to conduct any activities in the marsh, or may require that a CRPR staff member accompany the group. The costs for this leadership shall be added to the facility rental fee.