Conservation & Sustainability

Winter Scene

Conservation and partnerships are important to us. Throughout the years, Millbrook Marsh has partnered with several organizations and community groups on restoration projects, land management, research projects, habitat protection, and environmental education. Thanks to the efforts of these groups and of the Millbrook Marsh Advisory Committee, CRPR Authority Board, the municipalities, volunteers and staff, Millbrook Marsh Nature Center received the 2016 Green Park Award from the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and the Pennsylvania Recreation and Parks Society.

The Green Park Award recognizes a Pennsylvania park each year for excellence in one or more of the seven sustainable practice criteria areas; Site Location and Site Design, Water Conservation, Natural Landscaping, Materials Selection and Construction, Connecting People to Nature, Operations and Maintenance, and Environmental Stewardship Messaging. Millbrook Marsh Nature Center meets all seven criteria areas. You can learn more about how the nature center incorporates these criteria areas here.

ClearWater Conservancy holds a conservation easement with Penn State University to protect and conserve the 50 acres of wetland.