Rentals & Reservations

Is your group looking for a fun way to enjoy their summer picnic, birthday party, or special event? Look no further than the Centre Region Community Pools! Pool, pavilion, or “Funbrella” rentals offer a space in an exciting and fun atmosphere with the ability to cool off on those hot summer days! The Community Pools offer many opportunities for rentals throughout the summer.

Pool Rental Rates for Private Groups

Full Pool Rentals: The pools are available to rent during the regular operating season from 8:00-10:00 PM on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings.

  • Park Forest Pool: 1-99 guests: $210 for 2 hours - 100+ guests: $320 for 2 hours (max 200 guests)
  • Welch Pool: 1-99 guests: $320 for 2 hours - 100+ guests: $420 for 2 hours (max 300 guests)

* Nonresident groups are charged an additional rental fee of $105 per rental.

Pavilion & “Funbrella” Reservations: The Park Forest Pool Picnic Pavilion (16’x34’, 48 visitors max) and two Welch Pool “Funbrellas” (20’ diameter, 42 visitors/umbrella) may be reserved during regular pool hours.

Welch and Park Forest: $60 for the first 3 hours. $15 each additional hour ( 8 hrs. or $135 maximum).

  • All pavilion users must pay the applicable admission fee or use their current season pass.
  • Proof of Liability Insurance must be submitted prior to all non-family group events.
  • The Permit Revision and Cancellation Procedures apply to pavilion and “Funbrella” reservations.

Lap Lane Rentals: Lane rentals at either Park Forest or Welch pools can be offered at a reduced rate. Contact the main office for details at 814-231-3071.