Rental & Reservation Policies

Rental Policies and Information:
  1. For SCASD group rentals, the pools are available to rent during the “School Day Schedule” at the beginning and end of the summer. The CRPR Director is authorized to prorate rental fees as necessary.
  2. Regular rentals include use of all pools, water features, shade structures and pavilions. The proper forms must be completed for pool rental request. The rental fee must be paid in full no less than 7 days prior to the event. All regular pool rules and municipal ordinances apply.
  3. The provisions of the CRPR Large Group/Special Event/Fundraiser Policy may apply for rentals involving more than 75 people.
  4. All activity locations and event plans must be approved in advance by the Aquatics Supervisor. Any or all vendors and service contractors utilized during a rental must be approved in advance by the Aquatics Supervisor or CRPR Director. Additional requirements regarding insurance coverage, visitor safety, and facility operations may be specified by CRPR Staff.
  5. Per municipal ordinances, the possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages on park properties is prohibited.

*Inclement Weather Policy: CRPR staff will attempt to reschedule groups at no additional charge during the current season, pending availability. If the pool schedule cannot accommodate a rescheduled date, a full refund or credit will be provided.