Below is a FAQ list for the aquatics program. Still have questions? Contact us! The Parks and Recreation main office staff are happy to assist you Monday-Friday, 8 AM - 5 PM at 814-231-3071, or you can email pools@crcog.net.

  1. Who owns and operates the pools?  The pools are owned by the Centre Region Parks and Recreation Authority, and are operated by the Centre Region Parks and Recreation Agency, which is part of the Centre Region Council of Governments.
  2. How are Pool Pass and admission fees determined?  The Centre Region Parks and Recreation Authority sets the fees annually with two primary goals.  The first is to cover all costs of operations and the second is to remain competitive with other similar venues and activities.  Staff annually reviews aquatic fees across the state as well as costs for other recreation and amusement opportunities in the region to help with this process.
  3. How do you determine how many lifeguards you need on duty?  The pool facilities meet the minimum requirements for coverage as outlined in the PA State Bathing Code, which is based on the surface area of the pools.  Additional guards are used in areas and situations to ensure safe coverage and surveillance of all areas.
  4. Why are there always some lifeguards just sitting around?  In order to maintain peak surveillance while on duty, lifeguards are given breaks at regular intervals.  The Agency follows the national standard of 15- to 30-minute breaks every hour to prevent eye fatigue and maintain vigilance.
  5. If I’m not swimming, why do I still have to pay $2 to get in (as a non-swimming adult)?  Non swimming guests still use restrooms and supplies, generate trash, and will receive care and service by staff, including emergencies.  The fiscal goal of the Agency is to cover all costs of operations and this fee works toward that goal.
  6. Why isn’t the pool open for general swim in the morning?  The Agency is proud of its robust aquatic program, including swim teams, swim lessons, and adult fitness.  The pools are utilized by all of these programs in the morning timeframe.
  7. What is your thunder/lightning policy?  In the event of thunder or lightning, all pools are closed and decks are cleared for 30 minutes.  For each successive instance of thunder or lightning, the clock resets.
  8. What is the waterslide height requirement at each pool?  The waterslides at Welch and the red slide at Park Forest require a height of 48”.  The yellow slide at Park Forest requires a height of 42”.
  9. Why do we have to follow the waterslide height requirement if my kids can swim?  The waterslide height requirement does not refer to swimming ability.  It is the standard set by the manufacturer for a safe ride in the flume itself.  The Agency must follow these rules for liability reasons.
  10. How do you protect patrons against crypto and other waterborne diseases?  All of the Agency's pools use sodium hypochlorite, a chlorine compound, to sanitize the pool water.  The Agency follows all national standard protocols including recommendations from the Center for Disease Control with regard to the prevention of waterborne diseases.  All pool water chemistry is monitored electronically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  In addition, while the pools are open the chemistry is double-checked by staff every two hours.
  11. Why are the pools closed during the school day?  The majority of the pool are high school or college students and are unable to work at the pool during school days. For safety, the pools will not open if staff levels are insufficient.
  12. It’s 90 degrees and sunny in late September, so why are the pools closed?  The Agency is unable to find an adequate number of staff to work at the pools in September.  Most eligible staff are in school and participate in after-school activities.
  13. Are scholarships available for pool passes?  Yes!  All information on scholarships can be found here.
  14. I’m a “non-resident.” What does that mean and why do I pay more?  The Borough of State College and the Townships of College, Ferguson, Harris, and Patton contribute financially to the Agency.  Other local municipalities do not contribute and are considered "non-residents."  Non-residents’ tax dollars do not help fund the Agency's programs and facilities.
  15. Why does the bottom of the pool sometimes feel rough?  There is a common malady, often in early summer, called "Pool Toe."  Many patrons do not go barefoot in winter or spring, and have lost the callouses on the bottoms of their feet.  The concrete pool deck and plaster shell of the pool abrades uncalloused feet more easily.  Once the callouses have built up, this condition disappears.
  16. Are there any restrictions to bringing flotation devices or pool toys from home?  Flotation devices must not interfere with the lifeguards’ ability to see the pool bottom.  Most larger flotation devices are prohibited for this reason.  Most pool toys are permitted, but they should not impact other swimmers.  Pool patrons should respect the lifeguard's guidance if asked to remove a flotation device or toy.
  17. Are there lifejackets available to use at the pools?  Yes!  Youth-sized lifejackets are FREE to borrow and are encouraged for all children.
  18. What temperature is the water in the pools?  The pools are kept at a minimum temperature of 81 degrees.  There is some fluctuation on warmer days when temps rise, but the pool heater thermostats are set to an 81 degree minimum.
  19. Can I use my pass at either pool?  Yes!  All pool passes are valid at both Welch and Park Forest Pools.
  20. Can I bring/order my own food and drink? Yes, but please note that alcohol and glass are prohibited.  In addition, the pools have compost bins available for food scraps, pizza boxes, and other compostable items.
  21. Why are pool passes sold by age?  Ages 10 and under must be accompanied by an adult (age 16+) and are discounted.  In addition, older adults (age 65+) receive a discount, and ages 0-2 are free.
  22. When are the pools the busiest?  Typically, the pools are busiest from 1-4 PM during most days.  On very hot days the pools may be busier for longer periods.
  23. Is WiFi available at the pools?  Yes, but high use volumes may limit the available signal.