Action Sports Park

Saranac Lake Skate Park
Saranac Lake Skate Park


In June, 2001, the Centre Community Skatepark was constructed thanks to the efforts of a dedicated, non-profit community group and community donors. The park was developed in partnership with Tussey Mountain Family Fun Center. The site is located just behind the go-cart track, and was lighted during 2003 for evening uses, and then renovated in 2004.

The park is open April through October each year and admission fees are in place. Ramptech Modular Ramps for skateboards and in-line skates have been installed on the concrete pad. The facility is not owned or operated by a municipal or government agency, but rather by a partnership between the Centre Community Skatepark Committee and Tussey Mountain Family Fun Center.

The Centre Community Skatepark Board of Directors was originally spearheaded by the State College Chapter of "Stand For Children," with the assistance of many other community groups and organizations. Funding for Phase 1 of the project was the result of both private donations and municipal contributions. The committee was granted non-profit status (Section 501c3) by the IRS, so contributions to the skatepark project were tax deductible.

The skatepark is accessible by public transportation (Centre Area Transportation Authority, Route B) from State College.

Current Project

Over the past few years, local residents, while supportive of the Tussey Mountain Skatepark, shared their vision for a skatepark located more closely to the center of State College. Many residents wanted to see their children be able to walk or ride their bike to the skatepark. Therefore, earlier in 2017, the Borough of State College formed the Ad-Hoc Action Sports Park Committee to research a new project.

The goal of the Action Sports Park Committee was to select activities and elements appropriate and desirable for inclusion in an Action Sports Park. The group evaluated the virtues of a single versus multiple locations for the elements while weighing the key site factors and importance for consideration in State College’s demographics. The site criteria and potential location(s) were evaluated to provide a recommendation to Borough Council of 2-3 sites for further consideration.

The Action Sports Park Committee was created late in the summer of 2017 with appointments by the Borough Council and several Ad-Hoc members, including CRPR Staff, were added in the early Fall. The full Committee worked throughout the fall and winter months to discuss possible locations and amenities--the two main charges of the Committee.  The full Committee reviewed the final Action Sports Park Report and made their recommendations to the Borough Council on March 19, 2018.  Since one of the top locations was a regional park operated by COG/CRPR Authority, Borough Council made a recommendation that the Action Sports Park Report be recommended to the COG General Forum.  On April 23, 2018, the Action Sports Park Committee presented their findings to the COG General Forum; the Forum members took action to recommend the report to the COG Parks Capital Committee.

On May 10, 2018, members of the Action Sports Park Committee presented their findings to the COG Parks Capital Committee; there was a generous Q & A session and some public comment.  The COG Parks Capital Committee opted to not make any recommendations at that meeting and continued to discuss the project at their June 14, 2018 and July 12, 2018 meetings.  At the July 12 meeting, the COG Parks Capital Committee recommended that the CRPR Authority begin to research this project further as the Whitehall Road Regional Park--the top regional park noted in the Action Sports Park Report--project begins to take shape.  The CRPR Authority requested that some funds be set aside in the 2019 budget to create some conceptual drawings and some accurate cost estimates to include total acreage needed.  Using that information, it would be determined if the Whitehall Road Regioal Park location is the best suited location and if the project could be included in an updated Master Plan and developed as part of a Phase 2 for the park. 

In 2019, a small sub-commitee of the original Action Sports Park Committee regrouped to review the report's recommendations and opted to pursue a smaller version of the park at High Point Park, one of the highly recommened parks in the report.  High Point Park is owned by State College Borough and mainted by Centre Region Parks and Recreation.  In late 2019, that sub-committee met with parks and recreation to determine next steps to include meeting with Borough staff, determining a final concept design, engineering review, funding options,  etc.  In late 2019, the Borough approved some funding for the Action Sports Park through its Capital Improvement Program.  In 2020, this sub-committee will be working with the Borough to begin to refine those next steps and work toward developing the High Point Park's Action Sports Park.