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The Wm. L. Welch Pool MASTER SITE PLAN
Funding assistance provided by PA. DCNR Project #BRC-TAG-12-229
Page updated 8 Oct 09

Click here to view the Welch Pool Construction Update

At a community meeting on Thursday, 15 Jan 09, the firms of HP Architects and Counsilman-Hunsaker LLP presented the final draft of the Master Site Plan for the renewal of Wm. L. Welch Community Swimming Pool.  A PDF of the PowerPoint Presentation made that evening is available HERE (2.8 MB PDF).  The meeting summary is available HERE (PDF).

Please click HERE to review the planning process that led to the proposed plan. The plan will be finalized and presented for official Authority action pending the completion of parking/access agreements with the State College Area School District for the pool. Following that, the plan will be provided to PA DCNR for review and approval. It is hoped that the final planning and the bidding process can proceed so that construction can begin on 3 Aug 09.  If so, the new pool is scheduled to open in late-May/early-June 2010.

The plan is based upon the facilities in "Concept Plan #3" (from 5 proposed) as selected by the five participating municipalities in November 2007 and places them on the Westerly Parkway site. The cost ceiling of $5.4 million was established at that time by the municipalities.

The full-size plan (11 Sep 09) is available HERE (PDF 3.3 MB) which displays more details.

In order to finalize the remaining items for the cooperative agreements with State College Area School District, a joint meeting of the appointed committee members of the COG Ad Hoc Regional Park Committee, the Centre Region Parks & Recreation Authority and the SCASD Board of School Directors was held on 20 Jan 09. Meeting Agenda (PDF).  The public was invited to attend.

As a result of those discussions, the Board of School Directors and the Rec. Authority were asked to endorse the Principles (PDF) of that proposed agreement and to authorize their Solicitors to prepare the appropriate documents for action.  The SCASD Board of School Directors approved the principles at their meeting on 26 Jan 09; the Recreation Authority approved the principles at a Special Meeting on 27 Jan 09.  The Authority also granted conditional approval of the Master Site Plan (pending the formal execution of the shared use agreements) so that staff could begin work on detailed project planning.

During February, March and April, discussions have continued between municipal and school district officials with respect to finalizing the formal agreements. The two agreements necessary to proceed with the project were officially approved in mid-April. Click here to view the approved agreements.

View the 27 Apr 09 Presentation to the COG General Forum for Welch & Park Forest Pools

At their May and June meetings, the Authority formally approved the necessary documents to adopt the Welch Pool Master Site Plan.

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