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William L. Welch Community Swimming Pool
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William L. Welch Community Swimming Pool History
Welch Pool Summer 2006 Programs Instruction - Recreation -Competition
Regional Funding for Community Aquatics:
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Proposed Welch Pool Renewal Timeline
How to Follow This Project
Balance of Meeting...
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Types of Aquatic Programming
Recreation User Group
Waterslides (family slides)
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Participatory Play Features
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Lazy River
Current River
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Flow Rider
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Water Spray Features
Water Spray Pad
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Instructional User Group
Therapy & Wellness Programming
Sun Valley Park
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Bahama Beach Water Park
Bedford Splash at Boys Ranch
McKinney - Old Settler’s Aquatic Park
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Next Steps
Master Plan for the Renewal of Welch Pool State College, PA

Author: Scot Hunsaker

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Welch Pool MSP - Meeting #1