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Park Forest Community Swimming Pool - Detailed Design

Summary of the
“Community Swimmer’s Meeting”
 on Monday, Dec. 10, 2007
at Park Forest Middle School, State College, PA


Russ Schrock, Patton Twp
Joan Schrock, Patton Twp
Spencer Schrock, Patton Twp
Lisa Lawrence, Patton Twp
Dale Reed, Patton Twp
Mechteld Hillsley, Patton Twp
Rosemary Schwoerer, Halfmoon Twp
Hannah Parry, Halfmoon Twp
Jim Pawelczyk, Ferguson Twp
Dick Mandel, Ferguson Twp
Patricia Mandel, Ferguson Twp
Andy Reisinger, Ferguson Twp
Drew Reisinger, Ferguson Twp
Joshua Fritsch, Patton Twp 

Michelle Fritsch, Patton Twp
Morgan Brady, Patton Twp
Kierstin Muroski, Patton Twp
Zacheus Muroski, Patton Twp
Alina Muroski, Patton Twp
Arianna Muroski, Patton Twp
Zosha Muroski, Patton Twp
Ed Prince, Ferguson Twp
Alan Popovich, HP Architects
Todd Smith, ELA Group
CRPR Staff:
Ronald J. Woodhead, Director
Todd Roth, Aquatics Supervisor

          At 7:30 PM, Mr. Todd Roth, CRPR Aquatics Supervisor, welcomed everyone to the Public Meeting for the Park Forest Community Swimming Pool Renewal detailed design review. He gave a brief review of the project history, then introduced the project consultants.

          Alan Popovich gave an overview of the meeting format and of the project, then introduced Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith presented the site layout and design, then returned the floor to Mr. Popovich to present the building details. (Editor’s Note: Mr. Smith mentioned that the plan allows for 3 lap lanes to be open while the diving boards and drop slide are in operation. In fact, only two lanes may be optionally maintained for lap swimmers during that time).

          It was noted that the Land Development Plan was conditionally approved by the Patton Township Planning Commission on Monday, Dec. 3. Their recommendation will now be considered by the Patton Township Board of Supervisors on Wed., Dec. 12.

          During the course of the presentations, attendees were encouraged to participate, ask questions, and offer feedback. The following are discussion points that were raised during the meeting:

1. A question on whether any of these materials were published by the Centre Daily Times (in a similar fashion to what was done for the Welch Pool conceptual options). Staff responded that they were not in the CDT but have been posted on the CRPR website for some time.

2. A question and clarification on how the tot pool will be separated from the splash pad.

3. Several questions and clarifications about the configuration of the drop slide and diving board.

4. A question about the surface of the splash pad and a comment that a ‘soft’ material be used.

5. A clarification question about the retaining wall (which will be used as a place for sitting or placing personal gear).

6. Questions/requests for chairs and seating and their locations. General consent that this should be flexible and allow for viewing both pools at the same time.

7. A suggestion to incorporate grass instead of concrete along the retaining wall.

8. A question on the location of vending and concessions.

9. A question on what would be built into the ‘park’ area to the west. It was pointed out that while the concept calls for single table pavilions and some play elements, the actual amenities may be installed by CRPR staff or volunteers after the project is completed to save on construction costs.

10. A clarification on the lighting (will be upgraded to meet current standards).

11. A question on the PA system (which will be improved and focused on the pool).

12. A clarification on access for swim meet patrons and set up. With the new entrance, most patrons will enter the main gates, while the service gate will be used primarily for concessions.

13. A clarification on the location of the path and fence on the western portion of the site.

14. Clarifications on the building materials (tile floors, concrete block base, wood siding, and a metal roof (as funds permit).

15. A clarification / suggestion to have plenty of benches and seating available around the facility.

16. An extensive discussion regarding the size and layout of the bathhouse. General consensus that most were in favor of reducing the ‘private’ family changing rooms from two to one, and in increasing the size of each public changing areas. There was much discussion on the volume of use that may be expected. Additional discussion followed about possible layouts of showers, toilets and sinks. This discussion prompted the Planning Team to refocus on the room layout and a revised configuration will be finalized.

17. A suggestion to have the roof color a forest green.

18. A request to increase the roof overhang over the vending machines to allow for concession set up during swim meets.

The meeting was adjourned about 9:10 PM.

This Meeting Summary was prepared by Todd Roth, CRPR Aquatics Supervisor, and is based upon a digital audio recording of the meeting and from the sign-in sheet for attendees.

Posted 13 Dec 07

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