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Park Forest Community Swimming Pool Renewal

Public Forum Meeting #2

Tuesday, 27 Jun 06, 7:30 PM at Patton Twp. Office

I. Welcome & Introductions      Please sign the Meeting Roster

c/o Todd Roth, CRPR Aquatics Supervisor

A. Recreation Authority & Advisory Committee members (see rosters below)

B. Consultants:                       Alan Popovich, HP Architects, Boalsburg, PA
Scot Hunsaker, Counsilman Hunsaker Associates, St. Louis, MO

II. The Pool Renewal Process            

A. Park Forest Pool history & background           
 B. The renewal process to date            
C. The proposed renewal schedule

III. Pool Operations            

A. Attendance & Programs            
B. How are the pool operations and capital improvements funded?

IV. Four conceptual options for Park Forest Pool: Mr. Popovich & Mr. Hunsaker

V. Community Comments & Suggestions

A. Please begin with your name and address. 
B. So that everyone can be heard, please limit your remarks to 3 minutes.
Written comments may also be provided within 7 days of this meeting to the addresses above.

VI. Conclusion

A. Further opportunities for input
B. How to follow the progress of this project

Centre Regional Recreation Authority (CRRA)

• Cindy Solic, Chair                         Patton Twp.             • Kathy Matason        College Twp.

• Sue Mascolo, Vice-Chair              Ferguson Twp.            • Donna Conway        Borough of S.C.

• Roy Harpster, Treasurer                Harris Twp.               • Kenneth Mawritz, Ph.D.   SCASD

Pool Renewal Advisory Committee

• Cindy Solic                     CRRA                                • Karen Anderson              PF Pool

• Sue Mascolo                    CRRA                                • Karen Foard                    PF Swim Team Parent 

• Roy Harpster                   CRRA                                • George Vlismas              Welch Pool

• Heather Shakley              SCASD                              • Rick Madore                   Welch Swim Team Parent

• Anne Lawrence               School Student                   • Daniel Henning               School Student

20 Jun 06

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