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I’m here on behalf of your Recreation Authority to provide a 5-minute update on the status of the Welch Pool Renewal.
The original Welch Pool (shown here) served the region for 51 consecutive summers.
On Nov. 5, the CRRA approved four construction contracts for the new “Welch Pool Complex.” Thanks to municipal cooperation, over the next 11 months, this site will be transformed into…
The new Welch Pool Complex with…
Water surface increases from 8,000 sq. ft. to 12,000 sq. ft.:
(1) 8-lane, 25-yard lap pool with two diving boards. Depths: 3 ˝ to 12 ˝ ’.  We expect to be able to maintain 2 lap lanes at all times – except during peak periods.
(2) Separate leisure pool with a beach entry, three waterslides, current channel, vortex, tot area with play structure and sprayground area.
New bathhouse building & new mechanical building. The pools will include an ultraviolet water filter system.
Shared parking, ADA parking & drop-off area on the adjacent SCAHS South tract
Two “6-table” umbrella pavilions
Twelve “2 table” umbrella pavilions.
This plaque from the original Welch Pool, which dedicates the pool in memory of Wm. L. Welch Sr., will be displayed at the new Welch Pool with a new companion plaque about the renewal. In preparing for the Welch Pool Ceremony on Labor Day, Mayor Welch (who was Dr. Welch’s son) wrote to Todd Roth on August 12, 2009, two days before he entered the hospital.
Two memories stick out for me when it comes to the pool:
- While my Dad enjoyed swimming, his reason for wanting a community pool had more to do with safety than with recreation. He said that every summer he had to patch up kids with bad cuts, broken bones, concussions, that they got jumping into whatever "old swimming hole" might be available. He saw the pool as a healthy, safe place for kids to enjoy the water. - When I was in high school, I spent many an evening at the old borough building on S. Fraser St. stuffing envelopes for the fund drive for the pool. Maybe that predisposed me to running for mayor.... I am having surgery (leg-artery bypass) at Hershey on Friday, but should be back at the computer within about 10 days, if you have any questions.
Best regards,
Mayor Welch passed away on Friday, Sept. 4, three days before the ceremony at Welch Pool – so it was fitting that this message was read during that ceremony.
The agenda lists the actions taken by the Authority Board on November 5.
In total, 18 bids were submitted for this project:
5 General Contractors
5 Plumbing Contractors
3 Electrical Contractors
5 Swimming Pool Contractors
As a result, the Total Project Cost is expected to be $4,982,348.
The bids prices were such that the Authority was able to contract for all the desired features.
Exactly 2 years ago (Nov. 2007), this body established a cost ceiling of $5.4 million for this project.
You may have noticed that the Welch Pool waterslide (from 1987) was removed last week. The slide was sold to the highest bidder via Internet Auction for $3,575. The pool boiler, diving boards, lane lines, starting blocks and covers were also sold in that manner. Demolition is scheduled to begin in December, then construction can begin in the Spring.
Construction is scheduled to be fully complete in 11 months (Fall 2010) and the new Welch Pool Complex will open on Memorial Day Weekend of 2011. The focus of the Recreation Authority remains to “DO IT RIGHT” as opposed to Do It Quickly and construct a quality facility that will again meet the “test of time” for the community.
Add features such as Ultraviolet Light filters to the pools.