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Centre Region Parks & Recreation
Remembrance Trees
A "Branch" of The Gifts-For-Parks Program

"Excellence in Programming Award"
in 2001 from the Pennsylvania Recreation & Parks Society

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.
The second best time is today!"

Thanks to your support, this program has been very successful... since the Remembrance Tree program started in 1994, funds have been provided for 439 trees in the municipal parks to date.

• Birthdays • Personal Success • Retirements • Weddings • Anniversaries • Memorializing a loved one • Community contributions

It's easy to join this award-winning program... Centre Region residents are invited to mark a personal milestone this year with a living reminder...a shade tree in a local park. Donors may choose their trees from lists created for each park.  The Remembrance Tree Program is a cooperative effort by the Centre Region Parks and Recreation Department and five Centre Region municipalities (the Borough of State College, and the Townships of College, Ferguson, Harris and Patton).  Please see below or call CRPR a (814) 231-3071 for more details.

NOTICE: Due to the increasing number of trees that are now listed as "Fall Planting Hazards" by the landscape trade, the CRPR Remembrance Tree program can only plant and guarantee trees in the spring of each year (rather than both Spring & Fall).
As a result, March 15 is the sole annual donation deadline date for planting each spring.  
Donations received after March 15 will be applied for a spring planting the following year.

2018 Remembrance Trees Available (through March 15, 2018)

"A tree is a keepsake that will mature with the seasons and transform a memory into a growing remembrance."

By Rae Chambers

The donation amount for a standard Remembrance Tree is $350
for a 1.5" - 2" caliper tree with a 3-year guarantee period.

The donation will be noted in the CRPR Remembrance Tree Roster on this website (below). The donor will receive a letter of acknowledgment and a Remembrance Tree Program Certificate. The gift will also be listed in the Gifts-For-Parks section of the annual Fall issue of the CRPR Active Guide.  An engraved plastic donor tag will be secured to the tree; the longevity of the tag can only be guaranteed for 12 months from the planting date. Please note that certain specialized species, if requested by the donor, may increase the donation amount based upon the increased purchase price from the commercial nursery.  Donate funds for your Remembrance Tree by calling CRPR at (814) 231-3071 (M-F, 8-5).

Remembrance Tree Donations
may be made in person, by phone, by mail or via the Internet (click the Donations button).
c/o Centre Region Parks & Recreation 2643 Gateway Drive #1, State College, PA 16801   (814) 231-3071

The donation amount for an Arboretum Tree
with cast bronze plaque is $500
for a 1.5"-2" caliper tree with a 3-year guarantee period.

If a donor wishes to also have a permanent, cast bronze plaque beside their Remembrance Tree, the new Robert Tudek Arboretum Area at Tom Tudek Memorial Park has been designated as the sole park site to host those Remembrance Trees.  The donation of $500 is necessary for the tree, the cast bronze plaque, concrete plaque base and installation. This site was added when the former plaque-area at Lederer Park became filled to capacity. While all gift trees are eligible for donor tags, in-ground cast bronze plaques are only available at the Tudek Park Arboreteum. The plaque wording is limited on the basis of size and content, must be consistant with other park plaques across the region, and is subject to CRPR approval. Click HERE to view a sample Remembrance Tree plaque.

Remembrance Tree Donations
may be made in person, by phone, by mail or via the Internet (click the Donations button).
c/o Centre Region Parks & Recreation Authority, 2643 Gateway Drive #1, State College, PA 16801   (814) 231-3071

Trees may be ordered at anytime, but payment must be submitted prior to March 15 for spring planting that year. The trees will be planted and maintained by CRPR's Certified Horticulturalist, who will work with the donors to choose a suitable location for planting within the parks.  The donation amount includes tree planting services, material costs and a 3-year guarantee period.  Checks may be made payable to “Centre Region Parks & Recreation Gifts-For-Parks.” Credit cards are also accepted. An official receipt will be issued for each donation. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by the IRS. Donations are placed in a special account used only for the Gifts-For-Parks donations.

3-YEAR TREE GUARANTEE PERIOD: (Effective 16 May 2010) Remembrance Trees will be replaced by CRPR at no cost to the donor during the 3-year tree guarantee period. If the tree would need to be replaced after the 3-year period, the donor will have the option to purchase a new tree at the wholesale cost of the tree; planting the replacement will be provided by CRPR. If the donor decides not to replace the tree, the tree tag (if available) and/or the optional plaque (additional donation required; permitted at CRPR Board-designated sites only) will be returned to the donor. If the donor is no longer at the address and phone number provided when the tree funds were donated, CRPR will store the plaques/tags for up to one year.

ELIGIBLE PARKS: All municipal parks in the Centre Region are available for donations with the exception of several parks that have been filled to their "tree capacity." All proposed parks and proposed planting sites are subject to the approval of CRPR staff.

"A people without children would
face a hopeless future;
a country without trees
is almost as hopeless."

Teddy Roosevelt, Arbor Day 1907

By Rae Chambers

TREE SPECIES: Below is a list of tree species for reference only. If you are interested in a tree species that is not on this list, you may make a suggestion to be reviewed by the CRPR Horticulturist. Hemlocks and ash trees will not be planted due to the threat of pests and disease; red maples will no longer be planted to prevent a monoculture of that species. The goal is to increase the diversity of tree species within the Centre Region parks.  Species selected by donors for fall planting must be approved by CRPR. 

Ruby red horsechestnut, River birch, Sugar Maple, Sawtooth Oak, Swamp White Oak, Northern Red Oak, Shingle Oak, Scarlet Oak, Bur Oak, Chestnut Oak, White Pine, Douglas Fir, Blue Spruce, American Beech, Hickory, Lacebark Elm, Tulip Poplar, Willow, Serviceberry, Dogwood, Blackgum, Black Cherry, Redbud, Honeylocust, Purple Robe Black Locust, Hawthorn, Sweetgum, Cucumber Tree, Magnolia, London Planetree, Crabapple, Littleleaf Linden, Hornbeam.

Remembrance Trees Acknowledged

CRPR is pleased to provide a roster of the Remembrance Tree plantings
for each year since the program started in 1994 . . .



Year Planted
(click on year for roster)
for Year
1994 11 11
1995 20 31
1996 15 46
1997 17 63
1998 18 81
1999 16 97
2000 31 128
2001 31 159
2002 41 200
2003 22 222
2004 35 257
2005 8 265
2006 24 289
2007 16 305
2008 11 316
2009 16 332
2010 16 348
2011 11 359
2013 9 387
2014 11 398
2017 7
2018 3 to date 439 to date

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