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In Honor of the Service and Retirement of
Greg L. Roth, CRPR Parks Supervisor

CRPR is pleased to recognize the contributors to the CRPR Gifts-For-Parks Program to honor the service and retirement of CRPR Parks Supervisor Greg L. Roth with a "Retirement Tree" at the future Oak Hall Regional Park (a Bur Oak Quercus macrocarpa) - as requested by Greg.  Greg served as the CRPR Parks Supervisor for 33 years, from May 1978 through May 2011. The donors are listed in alphabetical order. Greg's tree was planted in Spring 2014 to coincide with the construction of the new park. The two photos below were taken on 2 Nov 2014. The 68-acre park will fully open in Spring 2015.

The Tree Planer

APArchitects LLC
Robert Ayer
Bryce Boyer
Lyssa Cromell
Richard Fitzgerald
Melissa Freed
Dennis Hameister
Diane Ishler
D.J. Liggett
Chrissy Kisslak
Kathy Matason
Martha Musser
Katie Ombalski
Cathy Prosek
Carl Reynolds
Donna Ricketts, D.Ed.
Tracy Robert
Jennifer Shuey
Jim Steff
Ted Weaver
Susan Wheeler
Ronald & Ann Woodhead
Tom Zilla
Photo by RJ Woodhead on 2 Nov 2014
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Updated 3 Nov 2014

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