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Barb's Bench & Trees

In Remembrance of Barbara S. Lindenbaum

CRPR is pleased to recognize the contributors to the CRPR Gifts-For-Parks Program to provide an appropriate remembrance for Barbara S. Lindenbaum at Spring Creek Park.  The contributions totaled $1,246, which enabled the planting of two Remembrance Trees (Japanese Tree Lilacs) and the installation of a park bench with a cast bronze plaque. A dedication ceremony was held as part of a Senior Center Picnic at the park on Tuesday, 6 July 2010. The bench overlooks one of the popular wading areas of Spring Creek. Barbara served as the Centre Region Senior Center Director for 23 years, 2 months - from 7 Jul 1986 through 1 Sep 2009.  She passed away on 11 Sep 2009. The Center is now known as the Centre Region Active Adult Center.

Anonymous Donor
Curtis Frantz
Lillian Hutchison
Sally Adams
Nancy & Glenn Gamble
Rita Palmer
Donald & Evelyn Adam
Walter & Davies Bahr
Clinton & Marcia Hegeman
Charles & Coralee Mason
State College Senior Citizen Band
Dorothy Freed
From Barb's Neighbors c/o Patricia Smoczynski
Darlene Faye Smith
Eric Johnston
Joseph & Linda Westrick
Robert & Renate Ferree
Molly Gregory
Owen Trout
Josephine Smith
Jane Taylor

Sue Mascolo
Chris Hurley
Donna Conway

June Brown
Carol Clitherow
Jeff Hall
Molly Hetrick
Diane Ishler
Beth Lee
Members of the CRPR Parks Maintenance Staff
Kenyatta Shelton-Burleigh
Jennifer Stout
Todd Roth
Ronald & Ann Woodhead

D. J. Liggett
Trish Meek
Cathy Prosek
James C. Steff

The cast bronze plaque on the park bench is shown below:
Barb's Plaque


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