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The 1995 Remembrance Tree Planting Roster

Year Planted

Park Tree
Common Name
Scientific Name
Donor In Remembrance / Honor Of

1995 Spring

Orchard Apple Tree Malus William Corl In remembrance of William K. & Cora Etta Garner Corl

1995 Fall

Nittany View Blue Spruce Picea pungens Anita McGrail & friends In remembrance of Stacy Yackeren
14 Spring Creek Red Maple Acer rubrum Muriel Truscott In remembrance of Richard J. Truscott
15 Spring Creek Willow Salix Leslie Greenhill In remembrance of Elizabeth Greenhill
16 Spring Creek Crabapple Malus In remembrance of Nancy Greenhill
17 Tom Tudek Memorial Park Black Cherry Prunus serotina Warren F. Witzig In remembrance of Mary Bender Witzig
18 Holmes Foster Canadian Hemlock Tsuga canadensis Donna W. Adams In remembrance of Evelyn Haynes
19 Lederer Eastern Redbud Cercis canadensis Nancy Phillips In remembrance of Gerald Phillips
20 Lederer Eastern Redbud Cercis canadensis Clara Lamade Robison In remembrance of D.R.L. Robison
21 Lederer Serviceberry Amelanchier laevis In remembrance of D.R.L. Robison
22 Lederer Black Cherry Prunus serotina In remembrance of Jean H. Robison
23 Oakwood Canadian Hemlock Tsuga canadensis Lori Dodson In remembrance of John R. Dodson
24 Tom Tudek Memorial Red Maple Acer rubrum Lori Dodson (& friends) In remembrance of Linda K. Coleman
25 Slab Cabin Douglas Fir Pseudotsuga menziesii Keystone Legal Services In remembrance of Rose Cologne
26 Holmes Foster American Beech Fagus grandifolia Becky & Henry L. Yeagley Jr In remembrance of Steven Beck Yeagley
27 Holmes Foster White Oak Quercus alba Linda L. Fitterer In honor of Andrew Oliver Finley
28 Orchard Tree Lilac Syringa reticulata ERA Benchmark Realty In remembrance of Don McCormick
29 Sunset Pink Dogwood Cornus florida sp. In remembrance of Harry & Dorothy Weaverling
30 Holmes Foster River Birch Betula nigra Cheryl McCloskey In remembrance of Emery McCloskey
31 Tom Tudek Memorial Red Maple Acer rubrum ClearWater Conservancy In remembrance of Alice Beatty

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