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The 1994 Remembrance Tree Planting Roster

Year Planted

Park Tree
Common Name
Scientific Name
Donor In Remembrance / Honor Of

1994 Spring

Tusseyview Dawn Redwood Metasequoia glyptostroboides Linda Frye In recognition of 100 yrs
State College Woman's Club
2 Graysdale Red Oak Quercus acutissima Matternville Elem. PTO Earth Day 1994
3 Sunset Pink Dogwood Cornus florida sp. Katherine Mae Strouse

In honor of the 55th Wedding Anniversary of Sherm & Doris Stanford


1994 Fall

Holmes Foster White Oak Quercus alba Ralph R. Morris In remembrance of John E. Morris
5 Holmes Foster White Pine Pinus strobus In remembrance of Frank F. Morris
6 Holmes Foster White Pine Pinus strobus In remembrance of Mary T. Morris
7 Tusseyview Blue Spruce Picea pungens Aileen Konhauser In remembrance of Joseph Konhauser
8 Tusseyview Okame Cherry Prunus okame In remembrance of Adele Haugh
9 Fasick White Ash Fagus americana Anne Bruce In remembrance of Geerhard Haaijer
10 Tom Tudek Memorial Red Maple Acer rubrum Marjorie Seward In remembrance of Lucy Seward
11 Tom Tudek Memorial White Oak Quercus alba In remembrance of Ralph Seward

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