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Meeting Agenda for Thursday, 10 Apr 08, 12:15 PM
at the Centre Region COG Building, Forum Room


• Ms. Sue Mascolo, Chair    Ferguson Twp.         • Mr. Roy Harpster, Vice-Chair      Harris Twp.

• Ms. Kathy Matason, Sec.  College Twp.            • Ms. Donna Conway, Treas. State College Borough

• Dr. Donna M. Ricketts      SCASD                    • Mr. Chris Hurley, Patton Twp.

II.      COMMENTS FROM THE PUBLIC for any item not on the agenda (up to 5 min./person)

III.    APPROVAL OF MINUTES from the March meeting        (Attachment # 1)     (Action)

IV.     ACTION ON VOUCHERS from March                           (Attachment # 2)     (Action)


          Millbrook Marsh Nature Center Advisory Committee: Kathy Matason

          COG Ad Hoc Regional Park Committee: (see update in Action & Info. Items, below)

          Member & Municipal Committee Updates:

                    College Twp.                      Ferguson Twp.                    Patton Twp.

                    State College Borough         Harris Twp.                        SCASD


          • Activity Report: March                                               (Attachment # 3)

          • Active.Net news release & service update: Ms. Ishler    (Attachment # 4)

          • Summer Leisure Guide Published: Ms. Lee                   (Attachment # 5)

          • The “CRPR REC-Card” proposal (from staff): Mr. Woodhead

          • Community Garden Plot Update: Mr. Woodhead

          • “Keystone Active Zone” (KAZ) program for 2008: Mr. Hall

          • Other pending grant or award applications: Mr. Woodhead

                    - State Capital Grant for the Nature Center (seeking release by Gov. Rendell)

- PA Center for Local Government Excellence for the cooperation related to the nature center) (to be announced by Gov. Rendell for 15 Apr 08 luncheon)

                    - PA Conservation Corp Grant Application (pending)

- PA Fish & Boat Commission to assist in funding a new “Flyfishing for Bass” Youth Camp at the nature center (pending a 15 Apr 08 announcement date)

                    - PA DCNR to prepare a Master Site Plan for the Whitehall Road Parklands (pending)

          • Supervisor Highlights:

                    Ms. Lee                              Ms. Hetrick                         Mr. Hall

                    Mr. Greg Roth                    Ms. Lindenbaum                 Mr. Todd Roth




Based upon the bank quotes received, the recommendations of the Financing Advisor, the actions of the five participating municipalities and the COG General Forum, the COG Finance Committee has recommended that the Authority proceed with the necessary documents to finance the two pool renewals via a bank note ($7.9 million for 20-years, pre-payable w/o penalty at anytime and guaranteed by the five municipalities) from Jersey Shore State Bank. The following individuals will be present at the Authority meeting to explain the evaluation and financing process and to seek authorization for the Authority officers to sign the necessary documents:

                              Mr. Chris Gibbons or Mr. Daryl Peck, Concord Public Finance Group

                              Mr. Jens H. Damgaard, Esquire & Bond Counsel

                              Mr. Terry Williams, Authority Solicitor

                    Action on the following documents will be requested:

                    1.       Resolution to approve the Jersey Shore State Bank proposal.

                    2.       Loan Agreement between CRRA and the bank.

                    3.       Form of Requisition to receive draws on the bank loan.

                    4.       Amended Municipal Participation Agreement

                    5.       Amended Municipal Guaranty Agreement

                                                                                 (Attachment # 6)     (Actions)

As part of the financing process and as approved by the participating municipalities, the corporate life of the Authority has been extended for 50 years (through 2058). Otherwise, the Authority would have expired in 2020.


1. Project Schedule:

                              - Awaiting comments/approval from PA DCNR (submitted mid-Feb).

- The submittal to Centre Region Code Agency has been authorized by CRRA

                              - Bidding has been authorized by CRRA upon approval by PA DCNR.

2. Reciprocal Parking Agreement: As authorized in February, the proposed agreement was presented to SCASD on 25 Feb 08. Mr. Poprik has reported that the agreement was approved by the SCASD Board on 24 Mar 08. It has not yet been returned to the CRPR office.


                     Review the General Issues:

                    • Concept Option #3 was approved by each municipality with a $5.4m ceiling.

                    • Incorporate the Borough Zoning requirements (setbacks and parking requirements)

➔ Explore Site Layout / Access / Shared Parking options and the necessary agreement w/ SCASD - then work towards the site layout options.

▪ Submit DCNR Grant Application (by 25 Apr 08 w/ Authority resolution and other Letters of Support)

                    ▪ Finalize Access & Shared Parking Agreement

                    ▪ Resume the presentation / consensus by the municipalities & the community

                    ▪ Continue and complete the Master Site Plan for Welch Pool     

On Tu 1 Apr 08, a Joint Work Session was held at the COG Building with the School Board, the Authority and the COG Ad Hoc Regional Park Committee. A copy of the presentation with 4 specific requests to the District is attached (Attachment # 7A). Mr. Woodhead will review the discussion for the Authority; comments from the Board are encouraged. A follow-up letter was then prepared to the School Board (Attachment #7B)

As a result of that work session, the School Board has invited the Authority and COG officials to attend their meeting on Mo. 14 Apr 08, 7:30 PM as they consider action on the four requests.

                     Welch Pool Construction Grant Application for construction:

Since the grant application window for parks & recreation construction projects has been revised to one per year (in April), it will be necessary to submit the CRRA grant application for construction at this time - before the Master Site Plan is finalized. If approved by PA DCNR, the schedule will permit pool construction to begin in early-August 2009, as planned. The grant application for $400,000 by the CRRA was unanimously endorsed by the COG General Forum on 24 Mar 08.

                    The following motion may be considered:

That the Authority approve Resolution # 1-2008, which is a required part of the grant application to be submitted in the amount of $400,000 to assist in the detailed design and construction of the renewal of Wm. L. Welch Community Swimming Pool.

                                                                                 (Attachment # 8)     (Action)


1. Oak Hall Parklands - Master Site Plan: 7 firms submitted proposals for the project on 24 Jan 08. After evaluating each proposal, the COG Ad Hoc Regional Park Committee and two members of the CRPR Board interviewed the four top-rated firms on Th 20 Mar 08, noon-5 PM at the Boalsburg Fire Co. (4 one-hour interviews were held). A set of uniform interview questions were presented to each firm. The group then cast ballots at the end of the day and the following firm was recommended to the COG General Forum:

                              Pashek Associates, Pittsburgh PA           

                              (in partnership with Mr. Dan Jones RLA, of Bellefonte)

The COG General Forum then unanimously approved the recommendation on Mon., 24 Mar 08 for a total amount not to exceed $66,000. This project will move forward with a state matching grant of up to $38,000. That selection has since been officially approved by PA DCNR, so the project may now proceed.

2. Whitehall Road Parkland Acquisition: In February, the COG General Forum and the Ferguson Township Board of Supervisors officially approved the Sales Agreement for this purchase. That agreement was then approved by the PSU Board of Trustees on 21 Mar 08. It is expected that closing will occur in May.

                    3. Whitehall Road Parkland: Grant Application for a Master Site Plan

As reported in March, staff has learned from PA DCNR that the Sept. 2007 grant application submitted to prepare a Master Site Plan for the Whitehall Road Parklands is still under consideration. It is not known when the selected applicants will be announced by the Governor.

IX.     ADJOURNMENT                                                                                          (Action)


          Th 8 May 08, 12:15 PM at Millbrook Marsh Nature Center Barn

- Consider a partnership request from a Disk Golf Group regarding their programs at Circleville Park

          - Discuss the development of the 2009 Program Plan (the initial budget document for 2009)

The CRPR Authority is a publicly-funded, municipal agency serving 5 municipalities since 1966. The Authority also maintains 501c3 status.
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