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The CRPR Child Safety Policy adopted by CRPR Board.

Centre Region Parks & Recreation Authority

Highlights of the CRPR Child Safety Policy

 Criminal Background Checks, Child Abuse Clearances & Awareness Traiing
for CRPR Staff and Volunteers.

This policy has been in effect since 01 Jun 2003.
The policy was officially amended on 8 Nov 2007 and on 18 Oct 2012.
For details, please refer to the full policy.

Why was this process implemented?

To help assure the safety of agency customers under age 18. “Customers” are defined as CRPR program participants or visitors to the facilities operated by the agency. This process is intended to supplement the practice that CRPR shall always provide (as a minimum) “TWO-ADULT PROTECTION” for CRPR youth recreation programs; i.e., at no time shall only one adult (age 18 & over) be present with one or more children (under age 18).

Which positions are required to obtain the clearances?

A. CRPR Payroll Staff (age 18 & over during their course of CRPR employment):
         All (seasonal & year-round) full-time staff, part-time staff, and interns involved with:
             • CRPR-operated programs involving youth participants under age 18, or
             • parks maintenance, or
             • facility operations (including aquatics staff).

B. Volunteers (age 18 & over during their course of CRPR service) assisting with a CRPR-operated event that:
             • involves direct service to youth under age 18, and
             • is held more than one day per year (not including any event planning meetings), and
             • is operated and/or conducted by CRPR staff.

Which positions are NOT required to obtain the clearances?

• Agency staff or volunteers who work with agency customers age 18 and over.
• Parents of current registrants who volunteer to assist with youth program operations or team supervision.
• Independent Contractors and their associates providing services to organized, CRPR-operated programs (i.e., youth sport league officials).
• Participants and supervisors of state-funded job training programs (i.e., PA. Conservation Corps) shall be exempt from this policy as long as their eligibility requirements include provisions for comparable background checks.

Exactly which clearances are required?

(1) Proof of a Criminal Background Check by the PA. State Police (Form #CY113, w/ $10 fee),
(2) Proof of a Child Abuse Clearance from the PA. Dept. Of Public Welfare (Form #SB4-164, $10 fee)
(3) The agency obtains a National Criminal Background Review and Social Security Number Verification from ChoicePoint Inc. These checks are specifically authorized by the applicant as noted on the Application Form.

The two certificates from Items 1 & 2 (above), along with a photocopy of the applicant's driver license, must be presented to and approved by CRPR before working or volunteering for the agency.

Click here to visit the PA. State Police (PSP) website for information about the "Criminal Background Check" process.
Effective 31 Dec 2014, PA Child Abuse History Clearance applications can be submitted online HERE.

How do I get started on the process?

You can obtain the two forms from the Internet (see table above). The forms are also available from the CRPR office. First do STEP 1, and then do STEP 2 (in that order). You should expect the clearances to take 30 days until you receive the results. Payment must be submitted with each form to the state.

Will I know the results of the background checks?

Yes, the results will be provided directly to the applicants. You must then provide a copy of each certificate to CRPR. Your employment is contingent upon CRPR approval of those reports - combined with the results of the National Criminal Background Check and Social Security Number Verification obtained by the agency.

Who pays to obtain the clearances?

CRPR will reimburse or pay the fees associated with the two background checks for the following staff & applicants:

Volunteers and interns involved in program operations for children under age 18. For volunteers, the agency may withhold reimbursement until the completion of the current program pending the assistance provided by the volunteer.

Seasonal Staff (full-time & part-time) who are involved in program, park, and pool operations for children under age 18 and employed for less than 8 hours per week over the course of their service/employment with CRPR.

Year-round Staff (full-time & part-time) employed by CRPR as of 31 May 2003. However, effective 01 Jun 2003, new hires as year-round staff (full-time & part-time) will be required to furnish, at their expense, acceptable clearance reports as a condition of employment.

Applicants for all other positions will be required to submit the clearance requests with payment directly to the state agencies and then furnish copies of the reports to CRPR prior to the time of their paid or volunteer service.

The clearance reports must have been obtained no more than one year from the date of the hiring consideration. It should be noted that the completed reports may only be sent to the applicant and not to CRPR. In this case, it is important that copies be promptly provided to CRPR by the applicant.

How will the reports impact my employment or volunteer application?

The agency shall not engage an applicant or volunteer who would have direct contact with children if:

a.          the applicant’s criminal history background check states that the applicant has been convicted of a crime specified in section 111(e) of the Public School Code of 1949 (see full policy), or an equivalent Federal or out-of-State crime, within 5 years or less of the date of a criminal history background check, or if,    

b.          the applicant’s Child Abuse History Clearance indicates anything other than “Applicant is not listed in a report of child abuse or a report for a school employee.

The agency shall notify the applicant in writing if the decision not to employ or engage the applicant is based in whole or in part on the criminal history background check or the Child Abuse History Clearance. If an applicant believes that the information on which this decision was based is erroneous, pertinent documentation should be provided by the applicant and the agency will reconsider the matter.

Child Safety Training & Awareness for Staff

All year-round staff (full-time and part-time) must participate in annual Child Safety and Awareness Training. The Program Manager will coordinate the research to determine the most effective training curriculum each year.

All applicable Seasonal Staff (full-time and part-time) are required to participate in regular staff training which incorporates child safety training and awareness and the “Two-Adult Protection” initiative. If available, online or contract specialty training is arranged for all seasonal staff working directly with children. Training partnerships may include Darkness to Light, Centre County Children and Youth, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

If you have any questions, please contact a staff member of Centre Region Parks & Recreation
by calling (814) 231-3071.

The full policy is also available here.

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