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Swimming Pool Rules, Regulations, Policies and Schedules:

• Wm L. Welch Community Swimming Pool

• Park Forest Community Swimming Pool

Prepared by:
Ronald J. Woodhead, Director and
Todd Roth, Aquatics Supervisor

Approved by the CRRA on 08 Jan 09
(The Welch Pool Slider Height
was revised by the Authority on 12 Feb 09

I.      Swimming Pool Rules and Regulations


All patrons use this facility at their own risk. 


We are not responsible for any valuables or personal property brought into this facility. Coin-operated lockers are available.


For safety, all youth age 10 & under must be accompanied by a responsible adult (age 16 & over). Parents / Guardians are responsible for the safety and behavior of their children


• At Both Pools: The tot pools are open to ages 5 and under, with adult supervision. No lifeguard is provided.

• At Park Forest Pool: All ages are permitted to use the “Sprayground.” One lifeguard will be stationed at the sprayground / slide exit area.


Patrons age 6 and over must use their gender-appropriate changing room.

• At Park Forest Pool: The Family Changing Room may only be used with an adult present; the key to the Family Changing Room will be available for sign-out by an adult at the Entrance Counter.


No running or horseplay.


Glass containers, alcohol, tobacco products and chewing gum are prohibited at the facilities.


To protect the privacy of patrons, the use or possession of a cellular telephone or any other photo or recording device in the bathhouse is strictly prohibited. (When implemented, this rule will be supplemented with a notice of the security cameras monitoring the Entrance Counter and the outdoor areas.)


Patrons who disregard the pool conduct rules or public health policies may be suspended from using the pools by the Pool Manager.


Swim aides, floating devices and pool toys are permitted only with the authorization of the Pool Manager.


Water Slide Requirements (per manufacturer’s standard):

• At Welch Pool Patrons must be at least 48" tall and able to swim. A Staff Monitor is provided at the top of slide only.

• At Park Forest Pool One Staff Monitor is provided at the top of the slides and one at the exit of the Run-Out Slide (Yellow).
          1. Run-Out Slide (Yellow): Patrons must be at least 42" tall
          2. Drop Slide (Red): Patrons must be at least 48” tall and able to swim


In the Interest of Public Health & Safety:

• All children age 2 and under AND any swimmer not toilet-trained must wear a Swim Diaper in the pools.

• Appropriate swimwear is required; street clothing is prohibited.

• A cleansing shower is strongly recommended prior to swimming.

• Admission to the pool may be refused to all persons having open wounds or any communicable disease.

• The pools and decks will be cleared for 30 minutes following the sound of thunder or sight of lightning.

• The facilities will follow the guidelines of the U.S. Center for Disease Control with regard to fecal incidents, which may require clearing or closing the pool for disinfection.

For all Main Pool closings lasting longer than 30 minutes, daily admission patrons are entitled to next-visit discount coupons.


Our Pools are ADA-Friendly.

• The Authority will make reasonable modifications to the Pool Rules and Regulations for any person with a qualified disability. Any person requesting modifications to these rules and regulations must identify the qualified individual with a disability to the Pool Manager on duty and request such modification upon entering the facility for each visit . Any floatation device authorized as a reasonable modification to these patrons must be a US Coast Guard Approved Personal Floatation Device.

• Use of the ADA Pool Lift at Park Forest Pool is available with assistance from the Pool Staff.


Adult Swim / Youth Rest Periods at 2, 3 and 4 PM daily for 15 minutes each. During these times, only swimmers age 16 and over are permitted in the main pool(s).

• At Welch Pool: Continue this policy.

• At Park Forest Pool: Trial Suspension of this policy, to be re-visited for 2010. One swim lane will remain in place and available for lap swimmers age 11 and over. However, staff reserves the right to remove the lane during peak visitor periods.

Special Admissions

• The Director is again authorized to issue reduced-price daily admission coupons or gift certificates for community group requests or promotional initiatives, and to issue reduced-price season passes to resident youth as part of the CRPR Recreation Scholarship program.

• All reduced-price opportunities so provided will be recorded and reported annually to the Board.

• In the case of Swim Meets involving the Central Pennsylvania Swim League use of CRRA facilities:
- The respective pool will be closed to public swimming on a schedule to be approved by the Director and publicized,
- Event spectators shall be admitted for free,
- Authority regulations with regard to vending and solicitation shall apply to all swim team or league events.

II.     2009 Daily Operating Schedules       (weather-permitting)

“Pool Pass Photo Day”

Each pool office (only) will be open Sat. May 16, 10 AM - 2 PM

Park Forest Pool
“First Splash Ceremony”

Sat. May 23, 5-7 PM only (Free Admission)

Starting Sun., May 24
“Free Swim Day”
on Sat., May 30

11-Noon   Adult Lap Swim for age 16 and over. (6 lanes available at each pool; diving boards closed.)
For 2009, the Tot Pools will also open for children 5 & under, who must be supervised by an adult.  A lifeguard is not assigned solely to the Tot Pools.

Noon-8 PM       General Swim (The waterslides and sprayground are activated)
For 2009 at Park Forest Pool: A single lap lane will remain in place at all times, except during peak periods.

6-8 PM              Evening Lap Swim for age 11 and over. 2 lap lanes will be available.

Preseason Weekdays
(School Day Schedule) *
(May 27-29, June 1-5, 8-9)

3:30-8 PM          General Swim (The waterslides and sprayground are activated)

6-8 PM              Evening Lap Swim for age 11 and over. 2 lap lanes will be available.

Regular Season
Starting Wed.,
June 10*

6:30 AM-Noon    CRPR Swim Teams / Swim Lessons

Noon-1 PM       Adult Lap Swim for ages 16 and over. (6 lanes available at each pool; diving boards closed.)

For 2009: The Tot Pools will also be open for children 5 & under, who must be supervised by an adult.  A lifeguard is not assigned solely to the Tot Pools.

1-8 PM              General Swim (The waterslides and sprayground are activated)

6-8 PM              Evening Lap Swim for ages 11 and over. 2 lap lanes will be available.

* Pending the actual school schedule. The original last school day was Th June 11, with AM-only days on June 10 & 11 (on which the pools will open at noon pending staff availability).

• The weekday lunchtime Adult Lap Swim (for age 16+) will start at both pools on the first day of the Regular Season Weekday Schedule.
• The Evening Lap Swim (for age 11+) will be available during the Preseason & Regular Season Schedules, as shown above.

• Welch Pool is scheduled to close for the season at 8 PM on Sunday, Aug. 2, to begin the construction of a renewed facility. The “Last Splash Countdown Ceremony” will be held at 6:00 PM that evening.
• Park Forest Pool will close for season at 8 PM on Monday, Sep. 7 (Labor Day).

2009 Special Event Schedule   (pending weather conditions)
a. Disco Night at Welch                    June 17
b. Country Night at Park Forest         July 1
c. Hawaiian Night at Welch              July 15
d. Pool-O-Ween at Park Forest          July 29
e. CRPR Youth Triathlon                  Sat. July 25
f. “CRPR Hot Night Swims” (pools open until 10PM)  As scheduled, pending weather and staff availability.

III.   Vending / Catering / Soliciting on Pool Grounds

 Municipal Park Ordinances:

            Solicitation:    No person shall solicit money, subscriptions or contributions for any purpose in any park unless authorized by permit from the Director of Parks and Recreation.

            Selling:           No person shall in any park exhibit, sell or offer for sale, hire, lease or let out any object, service or merchandise or anything whatsoever, whether corporal or incorporal, except by permit.

A. Pool Patrons are permitted to bring their own food and/or beverage (no glass or alcohol).

B. The Authority will continue to request proposals and select the annual provider(s) for vending machine services at both pools. That contract has provided for (1) 22% of the gross sales to the Authority and (2) exclusive vending of those products.

C. Other vendors:

Groups with approved events at the pool may request a permit to authorize their own vendors at their events. Such a request shall be made in writing no less than 3 weeks prior to the event.

The Agency Director is authorized to close a pool to facilitate agency-approved special events (i.e., CRPR Swim Meets). In these cases:

1.         All proposed operations by groups that involve sales, soliciting, etc. shall require a permit indicating staff or Authority approval. The permit fee may involve a percentage of the gross sales payable to CRRA or, for those solicitations not involving money, an administrative service fee.

2.         In all cases, groups may be invoiced for any special services / clean up as required and must follow all applicable health / food service ordinances.

D. Solicitation and Other Requests:

Groups or individuals may not post or distribute flyers, literature, products or services without CRRA approval. No solicitation is permitted without CRRA approval in advance. Such a request shall be made in writing no less than 3 weeks prior to the event.

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