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Fall 2008 Program Report
September - December 2008


The Boardwalk at Millbrook Marsh Nature Center
Photo © 2008 Christiane Dornbusch. Used by permission.

Centre Region Parks & Recreation Authority/ Centre Region Parks & Recreation Board

Sue Mascolo, Chair                                Ferguson Twp.

Roy F. Harpster, Vice-Chair                    Harris Twp.

Kathy Matason, Secretary                        College Twp.

Donna Conway, Treasurer                       State College Borough

Chris Hurley                                            Patton Twp.

Donna M. Ricketts, D.Ed.                        SCASD

Centre Region Parks & Recreation Staff

Ronald J. Woodhead, Director
Beth C. Lee, Rec. Supervisor - Programs & Spec. Events
Jeff R. Hall, Rec. Supervisor - Fitness & Sports
Molly Hetrick, Rec. Supervisor - Nature Center
Todd A. Roth, Aquatics Supervisor
Barbara Lindenbaum, Senior Center Director
Carol Clitherow, Senior Center Program Assistant
Kenyatta Shelton-Burleigh, Staff Assistant

Greg Roth, Parks Supervisor
Ted Weaver, Assistant Parks Supervisor
Kurt Kunka, Parks Caretaker I
Tiffany Barto, Parks Caretaker II
Gary Sprankle, Parks Caretaker I
Kurt Nicholas, Parks Caretaker I
Diane Ishler, Office Manager
Jennifer D. Stout, Staff Assistant

2 Jan 09

Centre Region Parks & Recreation . . . Fall 2008

The staff of CRPR is pleased to present this report on the Fall 2008 programs offered to residents of the Centre Region. The long history of municipal cooperation for Parks & Recreation continues to benefit our residents.
“CRPR - Where Everyone Plays!”                                                Ronald J. Woodhead, Director

Programs & Special Events

Fall 2007

Fall 2008

Pavilion Reservations (Sept & Oct)

205 Fall Permits
984 Permits for Year

66 Fall Permits
953 Permits for Year

Annual Halloween Costume Parade



Dark in the Park Storytelling



Municipal Band Concert (for Veteran’s Day)



Adult Ballroom Dance



Adult Square Dance Lessons



Adult Round Dance Class



Hip Hop Dance Class (youth)

14 in 2 classes

12 in 2 classes

The weather was very cold for both the Dark in the Park event and the Halloween Parade. The Dark in the Park turnout was greater for 2008 it was held outdoors as planned.  We find that participants enjoy it more when you have the park atmosphere to add to the festivities. The Halloween Parade was also a very chilly night and therefore our attendance was a little lighter than 2007.  The folks that come out for this Centre Region tradition were creative in their costume designs and everyone had a wonderful evening.
Beth Lee, Recreation Supervisor - Programs & Special Events

Aquatics at the SCAHS Natatorium

Fall 2007

Fall 2008

Youth Levels 1-6

151 in 29 classes
7 on wait list

118 in 24 classes
4 on wait list

Total Swim Lesson Registrations



CRPR’s youth swimming lessons continue their popularity. An influx of new instructors shows promise for continued success with these programs. SCASD Pool Lifeguard shortages limited the pool time available to CRPR and it did not allow for the additional 6 classes that are typically offered.                                                                                     Todd Roth, Aquatics Supervisor

Fitness & Sports

Fall 2007

Fall 2008

Start Smart Soccer Program

60 (+12 on wait list)

60 (+11 on wait list)

Start Smart Football



Start Smart Golf

10 (+4 on wait list)


Youth Judo Instruction



Youth Tennis Lessons

 20 (+2 on wait list)


Parent’s Night Off

16 for 2 programs

10 for 2 programs

Girl’s Rhythmic Gymnastics - Beginner

10 (+3 on wait list)


Girl’s Rhythmic Gymnastics - Advanced

n / a


Total YOUTH Participants



Adult Flag Football

216 on 18 teams

232 on 19 teams

Adult Volleyball League

188 on 18 teams

224 on 21 teams

Adult Tennis Lessons

22 (+2 on wait list)

25 (+8 on wait list)

Adult Indoor Soccer



Men’s Basketball League

60 on 6 teams

60 on 6 teams

Fitness Classes (Step Aerobics, Morning Workouts, Group Strength Training, Dance Aerobics, Yoga, Core Training)

138 (+6 on wait list)

144 (+15 on wait list)

SC Badminton Club

320 (avg. 20/night)

316 (avg. 16/night)

Coed Volleyball

n / a


“Singles Club” Volleyball League (Wed & Sun evenings)

302 at 27 sessions

257 at 25 sessions

Total ADULT Participants



Rhythmic Gymnastics: This girl’s only program is still very popular. Tanya Pasko, is extremely talented and a wonderful instructor for this graceful sport. We are trying an Advanced class for girl’s who have taken the class previously. A more advanced class will let participants continue what they learn and apply it to more difficult routines.  The response to this opportunity was light in the fall, but we will continue to offer this option in 2009.                              Beth Lee, Recreation Supervisor - Programs & Special Events

The Start Smart programs continue to gain popularity as 76 youths were registered in 3 programs. A youth wrestling program was added and will continued to be offered throughout 2008. The Adult Flag Football League expanded to 18 teams in 2008, which was split into 2 divisions. Yoga was added to adult fitness classes and they all remain very popular. It was necessary to withdraw the Coed Volleyball for Adults due to reduced availability of the school gyms. 
                                                                                                          Jeff Hall, Recreation Supervisor - Sports & Fitness

Centre Region Senior Center

Fall 2007

Fall 2008

Noontime Meals Served (4 days per week, Sep-Dec)

1,365 Noontime Meals

1,524 Noontime Meals

Visits to Programs & Special Events (June-Aug)

10,916 Program Visits

5,437 Program Visits *

Due to a cooperative program with Mount Nittany Medical Center, Prime Time Health and Nittany Snow Shoe Home Health Service, the center offered free flu shots to 219 participants.
* The method of accounting for cooperative programs between the Senior Center and OLLI was changed in mid-2008. Starting in July, only programs that were on-site at the Senior Center are included in the program count.

                                                                                                    Barbara Lindenbaum, Senior Center Director

Millbrook Marsh Nature Center

Fall 2007

Fall 2008

Staff-Guided Group Program visitors



Family Programs (Fall Walk, Explorer’s Series, Scouts)

38 at 6 programs

128 at 14 programs

Visitors for Facility Rentals & Off-site Programs



Knee-High Naturalist Programs (8 programs)



Birthday Parties (started in 2005)



Special Events & Meetings (Historic Harvest Fest. and Spring Creek Day)



                    Total Visits:




Fall 2008 was a successful season, including the 5th Annual Historic Harvest Festival that attracted just over 600 people – our largest attendance ever! Group programs were well attended and the new badge-specific Scout programs were well received by the community. There was also an increase in use of the site and facilities during Fall 2008, although many of these are PSU groups who “Walk Through” and do not pay a fee for this use. Overall, it was a very successful Fall season.

                                                                                                    Molly Hetrick, Recreation Supervisor - Nature Center

Parks Maintenance Highlights

Some park maintenance highlights from Fall 2008 include:

            A staff and handicapped-accessible parking lot was constructed at Millbrook Marsh Nature Center.

            An in-ground automatic irrigation system and a restroom/storage facility were added to Fogleman Fields by College Township.

            New playground equipment and safety fall zones were installed at:

                            Oakwood Park (swings)                                 Fasick Park (swings)

                            Blue Spring Park (web climber)                     Haymarket Park (swings)

                            Kaywood Park (multipurpose apparatus)       Sunset Park (fire engine spring rider)

                            Suburban Park (multipurpose apparatus)       Orchard Park (multipurpose apparatus)

            Additions were made to Tudek Park by Ferguson Township including a second pavilion, picnic area, two tennis courts, parking lots and (separate) drinking fountains for visitors and their dogs at the dog park.

            Adult and elementary age fitness centers were installed at Sunset Park.

            A stage area was constructed at Central Parklet by State College Borough.

            The Oak Hall Park Master Planning Process was started.

                                                                                                                                                Greg Roth, Parks Supervisor

Report coordinated by T. Roth, Aquatics Supervisor   

The CRPR Authority is a publicly-funded, municipal agency serving 5 municipalities since 1966. The Authority also maintains 501c3 status.
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