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Centre Region Parks & Recreation
2008 Work Plan

Approved by the CRPR Board on 13 Mar 08 (not listed in priority)


Promote the benefits and availability of local recreation opportunities in parks and programs. Continue to improve marketing & awareness; consider development of a CRPR logo.

Provide effective, efficient and safe program & facility operations.

• Continue to encourage and promote volunteer opportunities in programs and parks.

Finalize the transition from the in-office SportsLog database and promote the new, Internet-based Active.Net service.

Expand the dialog with SCASD in matters related to the uses of the schools and of municipal facilities (processes for programs & facilities).

Continue to coordinate the COG Ad Hoc Regional Park Committee regarding funding for “regional” P&R operations & capital projects.

• Implement the revised Sportfield Reservation System with organized sport groups.

• Continue agency website maintenance & promotion.

• Continue to address staff coordination & personnel issues.

Program Operations:

Camps, Leagues, Fitness,
Special Events

Update the Fitness Instructor policies and develop a Policy Manual

Add more Start Smart youth programs as resources allow; continue to work on revitalizing the youth sports leagues

• Improve overall job effectiveness, including improved promotion programs and finding alternate sites and programs

Develop a long range plan for leagues and fitness classes, including a yearly schedule

• Create more visibility and opportunities for the youth and adult sports and fitness programs.

• Continue to increase attendance and program revenue by offering new programs and special events.

• Focus on resolving issues with the SCASD Scheduling Process. Explore new and alternative options for indoor space

• Create and implement electronic newsletters and service evaluation surveys to customers.

• Obtain more business sponsors to help support programs and special events. Continue work on the Program Partner Policy to obtain appropriate assistance for promotion, scheduling and facility usage.


• Continue installing bollards and other control devices to protect pavilions and park areas from vehicle access / damages.

• Pour concrete floor and complete the Spring Creek Park garage addition.

• Work with the host municipality to complete the playground renovations and upgrades.

• Focus on efficient scheduling, completion and evaluation of park maintenance tasks and special projects. Focus on issues with the Tudek Dog Park surfacing and Tudek Park Garden Plots.

• Complete the PCC projects per the grant contract, including the Project Partner tasks.

Install gravel surfacing on streamside trail at TWP to enhance bike path system.

Remove sod from infields at Circleville and Tudek Parks to promote softball; renovate or build new volleyball courts at Spring Creek Park.

Continue upgrading sportfield turf to provide better and safer playing surfaces.


Expand the variety of programs offered while maintaining the high quality of current programs.

Continue to develop financially self-supporting programs to supplement the free, core programs.

Implement the Senior Calendar Partner Policy to attract new sponsors and increase revenue.

Orient the Staff Assistant to the new full time position for 2008.

For the Staff Assistant position, seek to increase the county share from 29% to 50%, as with the Center Director position.

Develop a yearly schedule of special projects and recurring tasks to coordinate responsibilities and provide more efficient services.


• Continue to develop and promote new programs, group programs, special events, facility rentals, Friends Memberships and donations.

• Continue work on the Capital Campaign - private, public, county, etc.; seek state capital budget release.

Proceed with final planning of the Spring Creek Education Building as funds permit.

• Complete the improved parking areas and Wetlab outfitting pending available funds.

• Develop, purchase and install property signs (interpretive, regulatory and informational).

Install boardwalk enhancements (benches, signs, etc.) and extensions as funds permit.

Wetlab: Install electrical service, lighting and the new windows; install furnishings as funds permit.

Complete the Puddintown Road boardwalk loop and install benches along trails.


Continue to operate safe, clean & fun pools and programs.

Explore and implement new and/or updated program ideas & special events for aquatics, including programming possibilities for the renewed facilities in 2009 and 2010.

Focus on bathhouse & pool office housekeeping by summer staff; coordinate improved pool vending machine operations.

Continue to assist with the Active.Net conversion

Park Forest
Pool Renewal

• Complete the shared-parking agreement with SCASD / PF Middle School

Complete the detailed construction documents and bid out the project to contractors.

Pending municipal approvals, begin construction in early-August.

Welch Pool Renewal

• Coordinate development and approval of shared parking agreement with SCASD, CRRA & COG.

Submit a grant application in April 2008 for construction assistance.

Complete the Master Site Plan

In the fall, develop detailed construction documents to bid out the project to contractors in early 2009; start construction in August 2009 .

COG Ad HocRegional Park Committee

• Develop and maintain a history of the Regional Park process.
• Coordinate the Master Site Plan process for the Oak Hall parklands - including consulting firm selection and the plan development.
(Added: proceed with the Whitehall Road Parkland MSP per the $40K state grant).
• Prepare a recommendation regarding 2009+ municipal contributions for Regional Park (summer).
• Assist with the development and review of a COG-wide Capital Improvement Plan – as related to the pool renewals, the regional park initiatives and the COG Equipment Storage suggestion.
• Assist in reviewing a draft Joint Funding Agreement for financing the renewal of the two pools.
• Work with the Authority as the planning and construction phases for each pool move forward.
• Work with Harris Township as they develop a proposal to assure the continued operation of the Hess Softball Field Complex beyond 2008.
• Consider action on the need for COG Vehicle & Equipment Storage Area.
• Coordinate with the Authority as the Millbrook Marsh Nature Center Capital Campaign moves into the Construction Phase.
• Monitor progress by the YMCA / Visitor’s Bureau on the indoor sports facility
Added: Make a recommendation to the General Forum regarding “regional funding” for the Musser Gap Greenway / Trail.


The CRPR Authority is a publicly-funded, municipal agency serving 5 municipalities since 1966. The Authority also maintains 501c3 status.
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