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An agency of the Centre Region Council of Governments, State College, PA 16801
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Centre Region Parks & Recreation
2007 Work Plan

Approved by the CRPR Board / CRRA on 8 Feb 07 (not listed in priority)


• Promote the benefits and availability of local recreation opportunities in parks and programs. Continue to improve marketing & awareness; consider development of a CRPR logo.
• Provide effective, efficient and safe program & facility operations (to include all aspects of the agency).
• Continue the promotion of volunteer efforts in programs and parks.
• Provide a smooth transition from the in-office SportsLog database to the Internet-based eTrak Plus system to eventually permit direct transactions by customers.
• Establish a dialog with SCASD in matters related to the uses of the schools and of municipal facilities (processes for programs & facilities). Develop a Memorandum of Understanding with SCASD regarding group scheduling on the leased sites (for Fogleman & the elem. school ballfields).
• Continue work with the COG Ad Hoc Regional Park Committee regarding funding for “regional” P&R operations & capital projects.
• Manage the uses of the parks by organized groups.
• Prepare the annual COG Budget documents.
• Continue agency website maintenance & promotion.
• Continue to address staff coordination & personnel issues.

Program Operations:
Camps, Leagues, Fitness, Special Events

• Create more visibility and opportunities for the youth and adult sports and fitness programs.
• Continue to increase attendance and program revenue by offering new programs and special events.
• Work with youth sports groups so those using municipal fields train their coaches through the National Alliance of Youth Sports (NAYS).
• Focus on resolving issues with the SCASD Scheduling Process.
• Create and implement electronic newsletters; create a customer survey using email.
• Obtain more business sponsors to help support programs and special events; update the current "Programs Partners" Policy.

Park Operations

• Install bollards and other control devices to protect pavilions and park areas from vehicle access / damages.
• Build Spring Creek Park garage addition.
• Proceed with playground safety zone renovations at Suburban, Blue Spring, Dalevue, Sunset and Oakwood.
• Develop and install Thompson Woods Preserve signage and information kiosk. Continue operational improvements there (involving CT, SC Boro and ClearWater Conservancy).
• Submit PCC grant application by 5 Jan 07; focus on crew management & results in 2007.

Senior Center

• Improve the promotion, visibility & outreach of programs and services offered.
• Develop new wellness programs such as "Walking Adventures" and "Maintaining Your Brain."
• Expand program offerings through new chartered bus trips.
• Continue to develop financially self-supporting programs, and seek Program Partners and donations.
• Discuss with Centre County an increase in rental assistance.
• Replace 4 PC Lab computers and two office monitors as scheduled.

Nature Center

• Continue to develop and promote new programs, group programs & special events.
• Continue to promote facility rentals of barn & pavilion.
• Continue work on the Capital Campaign - private, public, county, etc.; seek state capital budget release.
• Complete the improved parking areas pending donations.
• Seek donations for Wetlab outfitting (furnishings and utilities).
• Construct Puddintown Road boardwalk loop additions as funds permit.
• Explore on-site office operations for Rec. Supervisor - Nature Center, including broadband internet access.
• Train and integrate the seasonal, p/t Program Coordinator position.
• Reorganize the Friends of MMNC group.
• Develop, purchase, and install property signs (interpretive, regulatory and informational).


• Continue to operate safe, clean & fun pools and programs.
• Develop and implement new and/or updated program ideas & special events.
• Continue work to maximize revenue and control expenses to reduce the unplanned operational deficits.

Park Forest Pool Renewal

• Pending construction grant announcement (June), proceed with detailed design work (for starting construction in early-Aug. 2008)
• Develop shared-parking agreement with SCASD / PF Middle School

Welch Pool

• Coordinate approval of site lease with SCASD, CRRA & COG.
• Engage consultants and develop Master Site Plan, obtain municipal and state approvals, proceed with grant application for Sep. 2007 (for starting construction in early-Aug. 2009.

Parks Capital Projects

• Coordinate development of an operational plan for the COG Parks Capital Committee (including responsibilities w/ the CRPR Board)
• Coordinate exploration of options for capital expenditures and municipal financing

Oak Hall Parkland

• Start work on preparing the Master Site Plan. Address related issues for the planning process.

Whitehall Road Parkland

• Acquisition tasks to prepare for mid-2007 closing & grant coordination
• Submit grant application for a Master Site Plan in Sep 2007.

Scheduled Equipment Purchases

• Replace 3 office computers
• Purchase brush chipper
• Purchase backhoe attachment
• Purchase turf topdresser
• Purchase 3/4 Ton Pick up • Purchase Utility Truckster


PT: Bernel Road Park MSP, other park projects
CT: Thompson Woods Preserve issues
SCB: Various park projects planned
FT: dog park and community gardens; Circleville Farm dev., proposed Tudek Park facilities
HT: park improvement projects; playground improvement grant work (upon approval of DCNR)

The CRPR Authority is a publicly-funded, municipal agency serving 5 municipalities since 1966. The Authority also maintains 501c3 status.
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