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Centre Region Parks & Recreation
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Serving the Townships of College, Harris, Ferguson, Patton, & the Borough of State College
Fall 2006 Program Report
September - December 2006

Centre Region Parks & Recreation Authority/ Centre Region Parks & Recreation Board

Cindy Solic, Chair   Patton Twp.
Sue Mascolo, Vice-Chair  Ferguson Twp.
Kenneth Mawritz, Ph.D., Secretary   SCASD
Roy F. Harpster, Treasurer  Harris Twp.
Donna Conway  State College Borough
Kathy Matason  College Twp.

Centre Region Parks & Recreation

Ronald J. Woodhead, Director
Beth C. Lee, Rec. Supervisor - Programs & Spec. Events
Jeff R. Hall, Rec. Supervisor - Fitness & Sports
Molly Hetrick, Rec. Supervisor - Nature Center
Todd A. Roth, Aquatics Supervisor
Barbara Lindenbaum, Senior Center Director
Carol Clitherow, Senior Center Program Assistant
Kenyatta Shelton-Burleigh, Staff Assistant
Jennifer D. Stout, Staff Assistant

Greg Roth, Parks Supervisor
Ted Weaver, Assistant Parks Supervisor
Kurt Kunka, Parks Caretaker
Jeffrey Ballas, Parks Caretaker
Gary Sprankle, Parks Caretaker
Mark Richards, Parks Caretaker
Kurt Nicholas, Parks Caretaker
Diane Ishler, Office Manager

2 Jan 07
Centre Region Parks & Recreation . . . Fall 2006

The staff of CRPR is pleased to present this report on the Fall 2006 programs offered to residents of the Centre Region. The long history of municipal cooperation for Parks & Recreation continues to benefit our residents. “CRPR - Where Everyone Plays!”                                                                    Ronald J. Woodhead, Director

Programs & Special Events

Fall 2005

Fall 2006

Pavilion Reservations (Sept & Oct)

159 Fall Permits
845 Permits for Year

162 Fall Permits
871 Permits for Year

Annual Halloween Costume Parade



Dark in the Park Storytelling



Municipal Band Concert (for Veteran’s Day)



Skywatch at Tudek Memorial Park

173 at 3 events

97 at 3 events

Adult Ballroom Dance (Beginners & 2nd year)



Adult Square Dance Lessons



Adult Round Dance Class



Adult Dance Classes: The Adult Ballroom Dance class was the only dance class available to accept new dancers this Fall. While class numbers have decreased in the past year, Carter & Ruby Ackerman always give a great deal of time and hard work for these classes. The participants appreciate the relationship with CRPR and look forward to success in 2007.

Halloween Parade: This year’s parade was a great success, especially showcasing the cooperative effort that CRPR enjoys with its partners for this event. Volunteers were valuable and the SC Lions Club gave away plenty of treats and wonderful prizes for the costume judging.

Dark in the Park: The beautiful fall evening set a fabulous tone for the event at Sunset Park. We had 4 storytellers and they were successful at capturing the crowd’s attention and even creating a bit of a scare, now and then. The partnership of CRPR and Schlow Memorial Library plays a large part in the success of this annual event.

                                                                                                                   Beth Lee, Recreation Supervisor - Programs & Special Events

Centre Region Senior Center

Fall 2005

Fall 2006

Noontime Meals Served (4 days per week, Sep-Dec)

1,213 Noontime Meals

1,318 Noontime Meals

Visits to Programs & Special Events (Sep-Dec)

10,209 Program Visits

10,458 Program Visits

Due to the cooperation of the County Office of Aging, Mount Nittany Medical Center, and Nittany Home Health Service, the Senior Center also provided 228 free flu shots to seniors.                                                        Barbara Lindenbaum, Senior Center Director

Fitness & Sports

Fall 2005

Fall 2006

Start Smart Soccer Program


40 (+10 on wait list)

Start Smart Football

n / a


Start Smart Golf



Youth Judo Instruction



Youth Tennis Lessons

15 (+ 6 on wait list)

20 (+3 on wait list)

Cross Country Meets c/o Nittany Valley Track Club

69 at 3 meets

69 at 2 meets

Marksmanship (with Tussey Mt. Jr. 4-H Club)



Parent’s Night Off

n / a

15 for 1 program

Girl’s Rhythmic Gymnastics

10 (+ 4 on wait list)


Coed Gymnastics (Tumble Tots, Jumpin’ Gymnastics, Youth Gymnastics)


33 (+ 6 on wait list)

Total YOUTH Participants



Adult Flag Football

132 on 11 teams

168 on 14 teams

Adult Volleyball League

220 on 22 teams

192 on 19 teams

Coed Indoor Volleyball Program



Adult Tennis Lessons

not offered

19 (+ 5 on wait list)

Adult Indoor Soccer

not offered


Men’s Basketball League

50 on 5 teams

50 on 5 teams

Fitness Classes (Step Aerobics, Morning Workouts, Body Sculpting, Dance Aerobics, Pilates)

99 (+ 12 on wait list)

105 (+7 on wait list)

SC Badminton Club

320 (avg. 20/night)

320 (avg. 20/night)

“Singles Club” Volleyball League (Wed & Sun evenings)

332 at 28 sessions

318 at 22 sessions

Total ADULT Participants



Parent's Night Off: This new program took a bit to get off the ground, but the response from both kids and parents grew to overwhelming. Parents enjoyed some time to themselves and the kids were kept busy with games, snacks, movies and FUN at an affordable price! Thanks to the generosity of volunteers, this will be offered again in the Winter and Spring.

Gymnastics: This long standing program is always a popular choice. Due to staffing issues, we had to limit the number of participants in the Fall. Everyone enjoyed it and the End of Season Show was a hit!

                                                                                                    Beth Lee, Recreation Supervisor - Programs & Special Events

 The Start Smart programs remained popular in the Fall with 54 youth in 3 programs. More Start Smart programs will be offered in 2007. The Adult Flag Football League expanded to 14 teams in 2006 and remains one of the most popular adult sports programs. The adult fitness classes remain very popular as well.

                                                                                                    Jeff Hall, Recreation Supervisor - Sports & Fitness

Aquatics at the SCAHS Natatorium

Fall 2005

Fall 2006

Parent with Toddler & Preschool

32 in 10 classes

20 in 8 classes

Youth Levels 1-6

158 in 26 classes

139 in 26 classes
4 on wait list

Total Swim Lesson Registrations



Although the numbers have decreased, CRPR’s youth swimming lessons continue their popularity. The Fall lessons were again offered over three sessions (prior to 2004 only two were offered).

                                                                                                     Todd Roth, Aquatics Supervisor

Millbrook Marsh Nature Center

Fall 2005

Fall 2006

Staff-Guided Group Program visitors



Bird Walks

0 on 3 walks

2 on 3 walks

Family Programs (Fall Walk, Explorer’s Series, Tree Trimming for the Birds, Homeschool Programs)

57 at 3 programs

147 at 9 programs

Visitors for Facility Rentals & Off-site Programs



Knee-High Naturalist



Birthday Parties (new in 2005)



Special Events & Meetings (Historic Harvest Fest. and Spring Creek Day)



                    Total Visits:



The Fall season was very busy with family programs and a new bluegrass concert. The staff-guided group programs were lower due to staffing issues and the SCASD schedule. The Historic Harvest Festival was our largest yet with 305 visitors.

                                                                                                    Molly Hetrick, Recreation Supervisor - Nature Center

Parks Maintenance Projects

Some park maintenance highlights from Fall 2006 include:
Installed new swing sets at Blue Spring Park.

           Planted 10 Remembrance Trees plus 12 other trees in various parks.
           Assisted with preparing the Tudek Dog Park for the opening in September.
           Coordinated work by Ryan Musser, Eagle Scout Candidate, on the benches and tables at Fasick Park.
           Coordinated CRPR efforts for the United Way Day Of Caring involving over 125 volunteers at 8 park sites.
           Coordinated the construction of the entrance drives to Millbrook Marsh Nature Center.

                                                                                                    Greg Roth, Parks Supervisor

Report coordinated by Todd A. Roth, Aquatics Supervisor

The CRPR Authority is a publicly-funded, municipal agency serving 5 municipalities since 1966. The Authority also maintains 501c3 status.
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