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CRPR Pricing Policy for 2005
Approved 16 Nov 04, including revisions made at the meeting.
This document only specifies the revisions to the 2004 Pricing Policy


             This document works in conjunction with the proposed 2005 CRPR Budget, currently under review by the five participating municipalities. As shown below, a combination of User Fees and Municipal Contributions is vital to the ongoing success of CRPR.

Revenue from Fees & Charges By Fund For 2005

Fund Name
Fund 45
Parks & Rec.
Fund 46
Pool Ops.
Fund 49
Sr. Center
Fund 47
Nature Ctr.


Total Revenue*

$1,118,149 $306,542 $182,791 $111,204 $1,718,686
Total 2005 Municipal Contributions $889,724 $75,962 $97,134 $20,000 $1,082,820
% Rev. from 2005 Municipal Contributions 79% 25% 53% 18% 63% from
municipal contributions
Balance From: 21% from Program Fees & Pavilion Reservations 75% from Aquatic Fees 27% County;
9% Program Fees,
11% Other Income
82% Program Fees / Rentals,
Grants, Donations
37% from
other sources

              * includes all carryover balances from 2004

Note:     Fund 40 Parks Capital Equipment is not shown since it is funded entirely from Fund 45 Parks & Recreation.
Fund 48 Pool Capital is not shown since it is funded entirely from municipal contributions, grants, and interest earnings.

Overall, it is noted that the provisions of the 2005 Fee Policy will be extended to include the functions offered by the “eTrak Plus” Internet Database System, as outlined in the proposed agreement with eTrak Plus Inc., when implemented.


            No changes from the 2004 Policy.

With regard to the 2004 fee reductions / waivers (youth program scholarships):
             During 2003, 84 fee reductions/waivers were granted totaling $2,626.78.
             Through October 2004, 84 fee reductions/waivers have been granted totaling $2,350.77.


             The agency will maintain the same reservation fees & policies for pavilions in 2005, and a new pavilion at Haymarket Park (Ferguson Twp.) will be included with the following schedule restrictions: The pavilion may be reserved only on Sundays from mid-April through July, and then all days starting August 1.

Year # of Reservable Pavilions # of Reservations Issued Fee per Reserved Event
1997 7 558 $20
1998 10 634 @ $25/ $30
1999 11 832
2000 11 849
2001 14 875
2002 16 836 @ $30/ $35
2003 17 935
2004 17 896
2005 18 -

2005 pavilion reservations may be made starting on 4 Jan 05 for events occurring Sat., 16 Apr 05 through Sunday, 30 Oct 05 (except at Haymarket Park, as noted above).

All park pavilions may be used at no charge if the facility is not reserved in advance by another group. The fee is charged for the privilege of reserving a picnic pavilion in advance. Specifically, permits issued for the 6½ -month 2004 pavilion season included the following reservations for each pavilion (includes agency uses):

Blue Spring           13                        Millbrook Marsh Pavilion    33 (incl. programs)
Central Parklet      49                        Orchard                         60
Circleville             26                        Spring Creek #1 (upstream)       99
Fairbrook                    5                   Spring Creek #2 (downstream)     124
Graysdale                     7                 Spring Creek #3 (Walker Tract)      9
Holmes-Foster #2 (lower)   48            Sunset #1 (right)                       104
Holmes-Foster #1 (upper)   53           Sunset #2 (left)                          88
Homestead                   5                Tudek                                       131
Lederer                      26                PF Pool Pavilion            18 (incl. pool rentals)
                      2004 Total                                       865 permits

Pavilion permit revenue for 2004 will total $24,542.50 @ $30 or $35 per event. Of the 865 reservations in 2004, 737 of the permits were paid, 94 were reserved for CRPR activities, and 34 were reserved for SCASD uses involving waived permit fees. In line with the established policy, during 2004 the fees for 34 pavilion reservation permits were waived for SCASD ($1,190).

16 Municipal Park Pavilions are available at no charge for Public Uses (w/o reservations)

State College Borough:            Smithfield Park, South Hills Park, Tusseyview Park
College Twp.:                            Dalevue Park, Slab Cabin Park (w/ 2 pavilions), Nittany Orchard gazebo
Ferguson Twp.:                         Meadows, Suburban Park, Greenbriar-Saybrook Park (w/ 2 pavilions)
Harris Twp.:                              Fasick Park, Kaywood Park, Nittany View Park
Patton Twp.:                              Oakwood Park, Woodycrest Park

18 Municipal Picnic Pavilions Available for 2005 Reservations

Municipality Park Name Fee per
Max. Group No. of
Harris Twp. 1. Blue Spring Park $30 48 6 Portable No



2. Lederer Park (includes use of 2 pavilions) $30 96 12 total Portable No
3. Holmes-Foster Park Pavilion #1 (Upper) $35 128 16 Flush Yes
4. Holmes-Foster Park Pavilion #2 (Lower) $35 128 16 Flush Yes
5. Orchard Park $35 128 16 Flush No
6. Sunset Park Pavilion #1 (Right) $35 128 16 Flush No
7. Sunset Park Pavilion #2 (Left) $35 96 12 Flush No
College Township 8. Spring Creek Park Pavilion #1 (Upstream) $35 80 10 Flush No
9. Spring Creek Park Pavilion #2 (Downstream) $35 80 10 Flush No
10. Spring Creek Park Pavilion #3 (Walker Trt.) $30 32 4 Portable No
11. Millbrook Marsh Nature Center Pavilion $30 64 8 Portable No
Ferguson Township 12. Fairbrook Park $30 72 12 Portable No
13. Haymarket Park (w/ schedule restrictions) $30 64 8 Portable No
14. Homestead Park $30 64 8 Portable No
15. Tom Tudek Memorial Park $35 128 16 Flush No


16. Graysdale Park $30 96 12 Portable No
17. Circleville Park $30 96 12 Portable No
18. Park Forest Swimming Pool $35* 64 8 Flush Yes

                                        * plus pool admissions; only available in-season.


No changes from the 2004 Policy.

During 2004 the Board amended the Large Group Event Policy to provide for a daily reservation fee (similar to the amount of the $30 Pavilion Reservation Fee) when a Large Group Event is conducted at Central Parklet. This fee was approved in response to agency responsibilities / costs for the many group events held at Central Parklet.

Millbrook Marsh Nature Center - 2005 Fee Policy

As recommended by the MMNC Advisory Committee on 10 Nov 04


1. Use of Grounds Only w/ No Program or Instructional Services: Free

2. Use of Picnic Pavilion Only (No Program or Instructional Services):     $30/day

3. Use of Barn & Grounds w/ No Program or Instructional Services:

             Fee: Up to 2 hours per day (minimum):                         $45 (was $40 through 2004)

                          Hourly Rental after 2 hour minimum:                    $15 per hour

4. Program & Instructional Services for Groups:                      $4.00 per person (was $3.75 through 2004)

5. Friends of Millbrook Marsh Nature Center:                               $35 household /calendar year

6. Fund-raising Events at Millbrook Marsh Nature Center:            No change


             Historically, most programs offered at the Senior Center are led by volunteers or interns, so no fees were charged to participants. Senior Center programs (daytime) utilizing the PC Learning Lab have been charged a rate of $1.00 per person per hour in order to help offset computer supplies and maintenance costs.

             To increase revenue, Centre County Office of Aging has approved a CRPR request to offer new fee-based programs in 2005, while maintaining the "core" free programs as well. In light of the expansion and renovation at the Senior Center, in 2004 certain new, fee-based programs were introduced with the CRPR standard guideline in which non-residents pay 150% of the resident rate for each program. Bus trips were also initiated in 2004 following the CRPR Trip Registration Policy.

             Evening and weekend use of the facility by outside groups will be encouraged by utilizing channels of communication within the social service network and community service announcements notifying the public that the facility is available. Starting in 2001 all groups were requested to provide, in addition to the $25 security deposit, a donation to the Senior Center in the amount of $10 per meeting. All funds raised from donations are available for use only on Senior Center programs and projects. Currently the following groups utilize the center for evening or weekend meetings: Volunteer Tax Assistance, The Aids Project, Wellspring Youth Offenders, Sight Loss Support, S.C. Bird Club, Toastmasters, C.R. Bike Coalition, Peace Center, Special Olympics, Ombudsman of Centre County, Blind Association, Wildlands Restoration, Overeaters Anonymous, Women’s Narcotics Anonymous, Men’s Alcoholics Anonymous, CMT Group, CALL.

              The additional costs with these uses involve utilities, limited additional custodial work, and the staff making arrangements for the reservation and the door key. In addition, the expansion of the center may increase requests for evening room uses. Staff may recommend alternative procedures if necessary to offset costs. In the meantime, it is recommended that the current donation policy be continued in 2005.

AQUATICS - 2005 Fee Policy

Park Forest Community Swimming Pool & Wm. Welch Community Swimming Pool

For 2005 the Centre Region Parks & Recreation Authority will:

• retain the policies that:

(1) all entrants (swimmers, non-swimmers, sunbathers, etc.) must pay an entrance fee (via daily admission or season pass). Of course, someone entering only to find a patron or drop off an article will not be charged. Non-swimming accompanying adults (not dressed in swimwear) will be admitted at $1.00 per person.

(2) Entrance fees (daily admissions & season passes) are not eligible for refunds or credits, and Season Passes are not transferable.

             (3) All entrants age 10 & under must be accompanied by a responsible adult (age 16+).

• increase some of the daily admission fees (for residents and nonresidents):

                          $3.25 per person age 1-10         (was $3.00)

                          $3.50 per person age 11+            (no change)

• increase the “After 5 PM” admission fee to $3.00 per person for all ages (was $2.75).

• increase the Group Admission Rate for all ages to $3.00 per person (was $2.75).

• increase the Season Pass rates for the 2005 season:

             Birth years 1995-2003                             $35 R / $53 N (was $33 R / $49 N)  

             Birth years 1941-1994                             $50 R / $75 N    (was $48 R / $72 N)

             Birth years 1940 and earlier                     $35 R / $53 N (was $33 R / $49 N)

             5th person and up                                     $20 R / $30 N    (was $18 R / $27 N)

• restrict the 10-Visit Pack at $31.50 (same price at 2004 = 10% discount off 10 daily adult admissions)

For 2005: a 10-Visit Pack will expire 30-days after the purchase, or on 11 Jul 05 if purchased prior to the pools opening for the season.
Each admission ticket may be used by a different person. The discount associated with the 10-Visit Packs is not valid after 5 PM (when admissions are $3.00).

• continue the “Early-Bird” discount for pass purchasers (Dec. 2004 - April 30, 2005), with a $5.00 discount on the 2005 season pass prices (the discount does not apply to 5th + Family Member passes).

The following policies will be continued . . .
● All entrants age 10 & under (born in 1995 or later) must be accompanied by a responsible adult (age 16+).
● Non-swimming adults (not attired in swimwear) will be admitted at a rate of $1.00 per person.
● A “Pool Pass Photo Day” will be held from 10 AM - 4 PM on Sat., 21 May 05, rain or shine.
● The agency will hold a FREE SWIM DAY at both pools on Saturday, 4 June 05. The purpose of the Free Swim Day is to promote use of the pools and program registrations.
● The agency plans to continue the popular “CRPR Hot Night Swims” (open until 10 PM) on days as selected by

With regard to season pass fees, a common comparison is to determine how many daily admission visits it takes to pay for a season pass. Note that during a typical summer the pools are open for 100 days, weather-permitting.

In this table: R = Resident of a participating municipality; N = non-participating municipality.

Year Season Pass Fees Daily
# of Visits for Payoff
Age 6-64 Toddler & Sr. Age 6-64 Toddler/Sr.
2000 $36 R ($54 N) $18 R ($27 N) $3.00 12 visits R (18N) 6 visits R (9 N)
2001 $40 R ($60 N) $20 R ($30 N) $3.00 14 visits R (20N) 7 visits R (10 N)
2002 Age 11-64
$45 R ($68 N)
Age 1-10, 65+
$25 ( $38 N)
Age 1-10 $2.50
Age 11+ $3.50
Age 11-64
13 visits R (19N)
Age 1-10 10 visits R (15 N)
Age 65+ 7 visits R (11 N)
2003 Age 11-64
$45 R ($68 N)
Age 1-10, 65+
$30 ($45 N)
Age 1-10 $3.00
Age 11+ $3.50
Age 11-64
13 visits R (19N)
Age 1-10 10 visits R (15 N)
Age 65+ 9 visits R (13 N)
2004 Age 11-64
$48 R ($72 N)
Age 1-10, 65+
$33 ($49 N)
Age 1-10 $3.00
Age 11+ $3.50
Age 11-64
14 visits R (21N)
Age 1-10 11 visits R (16 N)
Age 65+ 9 visits R (14 N)
2005 Age 11-64
$50 R ($75 N)
Age 1-10, 65+
$35 ($53 N)
Age 1-10 $3.25
Age 11+ $3.50
Age 11-64
14 visits R (21N)
Age 1-10 10 visits R (16 N)
Age 65+ 10 visits R (15 N)

* The Daily Admission Fee applies to residents and nonresidents.

Aquatic Program Fees:   No process changes for 2005.
Fees for regular CRPR programs will be calculated by using the Program Budget Worksheet. Per established Board policy, nonresidents (including Halfmoon Twp. residents and the SCASD section of Benner Township), are charged 150% of the resident rate.

2005 Private Group Rental Rates (Park Forest & Welch Pools): No changes for 2005

2005 Pool Rental Rates Park Forest Pool* Welch Pool**
Up to 50 People $95.00 / 1st hour $130.00 / 1st hour
51 to 100 People $105.00 / 1st hour $145.00 / 1st hour
101 to 150 People $125.00 / 1st hour $165.00 / 1st hour
2nd hour rate $85.00 2nd hour $95.00 2nd hour

*The pool rental at PF Pool includes use of the pavilion.
** The pool rental at Welch Pool includes use of the slide.

Picnic Pavilion at Park Forest Pool:

In line with the picnic pavilion reservation procedure, the pavilion inside Park Forest Swimming Pool may be rented and reserved at a rate of $35 for the event, during regular pool hours. However, in addition to the reservation fee, all pavilion users (including non-swimmers) must pay the standard admission fee, use their season pass, or use 10-Visit Pack tickets. The pavilion was regularly used by visitors during 2004, and was reserved 18 times during the pool season (this includes pool rentals, which may utilize the pavilion). The Private Group Pool Rental process (above) will apply to any pavilion reservations after normal pool hours.

2005 Summer Swim Schedule
As of 8 Nov 04
Please note that a 2005 Season Pass is valid at either pool.
All times are “weather-permitting” and are subject to change pending the SCASD Calendar.

Day / Date


Park Forest Community Pool
2100 School Drive, Patton Twp.
238-4515 (in-season)
Wm. L. Welch Community Pool
670 Westerly Parkway, S.C.
237-3964 (in-season)
Sat. May 21
(rain or shine)
Pool Pass Photo Day (10 AM- 4 PM)
Both pool offices (only) will be open for season pass purchases and photos.
Sat. May 28 Closed for Staff Training
Sun. May 29 -
Mon. May 30
General Swim Noon -5 PM
Family Swim 5-8 PM
Adult Lap Swim 7-8 PM
Tue. - Fri.
May 31 - June 3
School Day Schedule General Swim 3-8 PM
Adult Lap Swim 7-8 PM
Sat. - Sun.
June 4 - 5
General Swim Noon -5 PM
Family Swim 5-8 PM
Adult Lap Swim 7-8 PM
NOTE: Saturday, June 4 is a “Free Swim Day” at both pools!
Mon. - Fri.
June 6 - 10
School Day Schedule * General Swim 3-8 PM
Adult Lap Swim 7-8 PM
2005 Regular Season Hours: Saturday, June 11* - Wednesday, Aug. 30
2005 Park Forest Community Pool Wm. L. Welch Community Pool
Starting June 11
Adult Lap Swim: 11 AM - Noon
General Swim: Noon-8 PM
Adult Lap Swim: 7-8 PM
Starting June 13*
Adult Lap Swim: Noon-1 PM
General Swim: 1-5 PM
 Family Swim: 5-8 PM
Thur. - Fri.
Sept. 1 - 2
School Day Schedule General Swim 3-8 PM
Adult Lap Swim 7-8 PM
Sat. - Mon.
Sept. 3 - 5
Adult Lap Swim: 11 AM - Noon
General Swim: Noon-8 PM
Adult Lap Swim: 7-8 PM

* The School Day Schedule may be extended due to any makeup days required by SCASD.

During the regular season, either Park Forest Pool or Welch Pool may be closed on selected evenings for scheduled swim meets. When a swim meet is scheduled for one pool, the other pool will be open (weather-permitting) for the Adult Lap Swim and the Family Swim on that evening.


Show Wagon Rental:

             In 1999 the “CRPR Show Wagon” (a flat-bed wagon used as a mobile-stage) was rebuilt. A rental fee of $40 was initiated for the Show Wagon during 2001, and will be continued for 2004. It may only be used by non-profit groups, and only as a stage or performance platform. Any use by commercial groups is prohibited, as is any use as a parade float. The $40 fee must be paid prior to the day of delivery, and includes one delivery trip and one pickup trip for the rental. Any movement of the Show Wagon by CRPR staff during a multi-day event would be made with a Moving Fee of $20. Any necessary cleanup of the Show Wagon after the event (remove trash, staples, nails, etc.) would result in Cleanup Fee of $20. The cost of any repairs necessary as a result of the rental would be invoiced to the group. NEW FOR 2005: For multi-day use during the week, there will be an additional $10 per day charge for rental of the show wagon.

“Sport Pack” Picnic Kits:

             As a public service, the agency has provided duffle-bags (containing sports equipment) to requesting groups or individuals. In view of the staff and equipment costs to provide this service, it is proposed that the agency continue the successful rental policies started in 1998:
- offer one Sport Pack to groups for use at paid pavilion reservation events at no charge, with a security deposit of $10/group. If additional sport packs are required for the renting group, they may be rented per below.
- rent a Sport Pack to other groups for private or public uses at $5 each, plus a security deposit of $10 / group.
If any item is missing from the sport bag when it is returned, the $10 security deposit will be forfeited in full.

Holiday Costumes: No changes for 2005

             The Agency will rent out the Santa Claus and Easter Bunny suits to residents of participating COG municipalities (for non-commercial uses only) for a rental fee of $20 for a 48 hour period, plus a $40 refundable security deposit.

Club Partner Services: No changes for 2005.  This section of the Pricing Policy is covered by the Program Partner Policy.

The CRPR Authority is a publicly-funded, municipal agency serving 5 municipalities since 1966. The Authority also maintains 501c3 status.
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