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Question 2 – If you are not currently using the park facilities, other than lack of time, what are your reasons?

    • do use parks
    • good dog areas, lack of adult interests
    • Halfmoon Twp does not have an up-to-date park.
    • Events that interest my family are not available. Centre Soccer only plays on the worst fields available. Why aren’t the girls teams allowed to play at Fogelmans Fields?
    • I currently use park facilities
    • I do use the parks for walking, enjoying the ambiance of the green spaces
    • Indoor tennis facilities.
    • International and National travel create a lack of time. Family grown and children live other places.
    • Kids too grown up to play soccer at parks
    • Lack of plumbed restroom facilities
    • No longer able to play tennis, I have spoken to several individuals within CRPR about painting Pickleball lines on the tennis courts so that former tennis players, now bothered by bad knees, hips, or weight, may once again utilize the courts.
    • Not enough [indoor] tennis facilities
    • Not very attractive for children above ten years. The play facilities should be addressed for this age group too.
    • Our kids went and grew up on us.
    • Provided Model Aircraft Demonstrations for school children.
    • We are busy doing other things and going other places. I play tennis at the PSTC 4X per week and work out 2X per week at a club.
    • We are using the parks.
    • We currently use many of the park facilities.
    • We do use park facilities.
    • We need better tennis, pool facilities in Halfmoon Twp which is one of the fastest growing areas in the district.
    • We take full advantage of the use of the parks, especially for Centre Soccer Association related soccer seasons.
    • We use them frequently for sports.
    • You can't take your dog to many of them.

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