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PA Conservation Corps Project List
by Centre Region Parks & Recreation Authority
for July 2007 - June 2008
(as of 1 May 07)

The intent of this project will be to continue the improvements to the facilities at:
(A.) Millbrook Marsh Nature Center
(B.) Specified municipal parks, and
(C.) The lands (& trails) of the Mt. Nittany Conservancy.

The tasks will restore or improve the quality of the resource, provide direct public benefits, and include varied and substantial job skills and educational opportunities. During this 6th year of the PCC partnership, it is proposed that the projects continue to include a focus on the municipal park areas - as a result of continued requests from the 5 municipalities and the progress-to-date at the nature center and the park sites - with a 2nd year emphasis on the park-like lands of nearby Mt. Nittany.

A. At Millbrook Marsh Nature Center, 548 Puddintown Road, College Twp.: This site will continue to serve as the PCC Crew Headquarters & Office.

1. Construct boardwalk (extension) along Slab Cabin Run. (PADEP Permits are in-hand) 1,600 mh

2. Parking area landscaping and planting. 200 mh

3. Habitat restorations, invasive plant removals, and replantings 400 mh

Nature Center Subtotal 2,200 mh

B. At other municipal park sites within 8 miles of the nature center:

4. Install parking lot improvements and construct interpretive kiosk at Thompson Woods Preserve 300 mh

5. Build/improve trails and add trail-side plantings as necessary at Marjorie May, Green Hollow, and Sunset Parks 400 mh

6. Playground safety improvements and installations at Dalevue, Haymarket, Fairbrook, Oakwood, Green Hollow, Autumnwood, Tudek, Smithfield, Suburban, Nittany View, Sunset, Holmes Foster and Orchard Parks. 1,200 mh

7. Construct small amphitheater and info kiosk at Yoder Preserve 400 mh

8. Fencerow clearing and dog park improvements at Tudek Park 200 mh

9. “CRPR Remembrance Tree” planting and maintenance 200 mh

10. Habitat restorations, invasive plant removals, and replantings at Walnut Springs Park, Yoder Preserve, Thompson Woods, and Fogleman Fields 400 mh

11. Fasick Park boardwalk construction and trail bridge construction 800 mh

12. Add split-rail fencing and bollards to prevent vehicle “turfing” vandalism at Circleville, Spring Creek, High Point, Fasick, Haymarket and Woodycrest Parks. 400 mh

13. Athletic facility safety renovations (fencing, benches) and equipment installations at Fairbrook, Holmes Foster, Sunset, Radio Park and High Point Parks 300 mh

Parks Subtotal 4,600 mh

C. At Mt. Nittany Conservancy lands (1 mile from the nature center) :

14. Continue hiking trail work and erosion control; vista clearing 400 mh

15. Install new trail signage 50 mh

16. Build and install benches at trail-side rest areas 100 mh

Mt. Nittany Conservancy Subtotal 550 mh

GRAND TOTAL = 8,320 man-hours

If approved, the PCC will also provide 75% reimbursement (up to $15,000) for materials for these projects.

The CRPR Authority is a publicly-funded, municipal agency serving 5 municipalities since 1966. The Authority also maintains 501c3 status.
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