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Centre Regional Recreation Authority
03 Jan 03
Approved project descriptions for PA. Conservation Corps (July 2003-June 2004)

The intent of this project will be to continue the improvements to the facilities of the nature center, the municipal parks, and at Centre Furnace Mansion. The tasks will restore or improve the quality of the resource, provide direct public benefits, and include varied and substantial job skills and educational opportunities.

A. At Millbrook Marsh Nature Center, 548 Puddintown Road, College Twp.: Duration
1. Complete the construction of Marsh Boardwalk/Bridge & Trail System (1,200'). Phase 1 is complete. Phase 2 (w/ bridge) will be completed this spring. Phase 3 (w/ bridge) and the bird-blinds are proposed for summer 2003 ($22,193 in donations raised to date for materials.) 1,112
2. For nature center house (2-story rental farmhouse): replace siding (including insulation board) so that the structure appears to be a part of the nature center.  785
3. * Complete the renovation of Garage Bldg. (wood frame) including siding to match new siding on farmhouse & parge the foundation 205
4. * Continue work on renovating ground floor of barn into a “wet lab” for use by school students for wetland education exercises (this portion of project will also use EPA Wetlands Grant Funds for materials). Will involve electrical plumbing, carpentry, masonry work, construction of student work tables.  240
5. Continue removal of invasive plant species in 50-acre marsh, then plant native species in marsh area. Plant extensively in parking areas (per the approved landscaping plan for the lots). 400
6. Build Informational Entry Kiosk to introduce visitors to nature center trail routes, rules, programs.  200
7. * Build and install wood endwall vents in barn. Reconstruct from historical photos of vents.  280
8. * Install large viewing windows (donation) in barn for view of marsh 80
9. * Construct educational displays for inside nature center barn.  120
10. Continue constructing wildlife habitat and stream enhancements in the marsh areas; plant Aspen/Adler grove for woodcock habitat (with the PA. Game Commission & PA. Fish & Board Commission). 120
11. Assist volunteers from Bald Eagle Archeological Society in sampling nature center grounds for Indian artifacts,construct & install interpretive signs as appropriate.   40
12. Construct a small restroom building for the nature center (to replace current portable toilets)  1,000
B. At other municipal park sites within 5 miles of the nature center: MMNC
4,582 mh
13. Build trails and install benches at Stan Yoder Preserve, Boalsburg (a new public park area)  450
14. Playground safety renovations (upgrade safety mulch) and new equipment installations at various parks 360
15. Plant and maintain “Remembrance Trees (purchased with donated funds) at various parks 240
16. Replant and install erosion control plant material on bank at Park Forest Community Swimming Pool 80
17. Remove bush honeysuckle and replant with trees at Orchard Park  160
18. Trail improvements (clear/widen, add surfacing & erosion controls) at Sunset and Thompson Woods Preserve 200
19. Install “rest areas” (tree planting and benches) along Tudek Memorial Park perimeter path 160
20. Install ceilings in 3 picnic pavilions to prevent English Sparrows from nesting (Spring Creek & Orchard Parks) 180
21. Stabilization and improvements to historic limekiln at Countryplace Park, Boalsburg 200
22. Construct & install wooden fencing to screen portable toilets in parks 240
23. Plant evergreen border along developed sides of Thompson Woods Preserve and reforest disturbed areas 300
24. Continue to establish trails and park entrance work at “Thompson’s Woods Municipal Preserve” (43 acres)  200
25. Complete assistance for 5 major ballfield renovations (grading, seeding, equipment installations) on 3 tracts leased by the Authority from the State College Area School District 250
26. Renovate & improve two sand volleyball courts at Spring Creek Park; remove roots & repair asphalt on walking paths 100
C. At Centre County Historical Society (on CCHS property, ½ mile from the nature center): Parks Subtotal 3,120 mh
27. Construct a connecting path (0.75 mile) between Centre Furnace & Millbrook Marsh Nature Center 400
28. Reconstruct an early 19th century log house: layout & install stone foundation; install & replace logs, windows, floors,  doors; chimney w/liner, chinking; install walking path from the log house to the "Farm Road" 1,035
29. Install walking path from the Hearth Room entrance to the southeast corner of the property 78

Subtotal 1,513 mh

If approved, PCC will also provide 75% reimbursement (up to $20,000) for materials for these projects. GRAND TOTAL
8,215 mh

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