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Centre Regional Recreation Authority
03 Jan 02
Approved Project descriptions for PA. Conservation Corps
(July 2002-June 2003)

The intent of this project is to improve the facilities of the nature center, the municipal parks, and at Centre Furnace Mansion. The tasks will restore or improve the quality of the resource, provide direct public benefits, and include varied and substantial job skills and educational opportunities.

Task Description in general order of schedule starting 01 July 02.          (* may be performed indoors)

A.  At Millbrook Marsh Nature Center, 548 Puddintown Road, College Twp.: Duration
1. Construct Marsh Boardwalk/Bridge & Trail System (1,200').   2,240
2. * Construct interpretive and rules sign frames and install signs (along boardwalk and site boundaries) 120
3. Repaint exterior of two concrete silos; disassemble unloader units in each silo. 200
4. * Renovate Garage Bldg. (wood frame) including insulation, heating, electrical  400
5. * Renovate Storage / Boiler Bldg. (masonry) for storage uses, remove old boiler, pour concrete floors. 100
6. * Remove concrete stalls in ground floor of barn to create a “wet lab” for use by school students for wetland education exercises (this portion of project will also use EPA Wetlands Grant Funds for materials). 240
7. Develop planned demonstration orchard and demonstration kitchen garden area, per master site plan.  66
8. Removal of invasive plant species in marsh, then plant native species in marsh area and landscaping in new parking areas (per the approved landscaping plan for the lots). 80
9. Construct stone-grit walking paths from site of new parking area to barn area. 120
10. * Construct educational displays for inside nature center barn. 120
11. Improve landscape & plant materials around Quonset Hut area, install vehicle barriers. 25
12. Construct wildlife habitat and stream enhancements in the marsh areas (with the PA. GC & PA. F&BC).    120
13. Assist volunteers from Bald Eagle Archeological Society in sampling nature center grounds for Indian artifacts, construct & install interpretive signs as appropriate. 40
B. At other municipal park sites within 5 miles of the nature center: MMNC Subtotal
3,871 mh
14. Streambank stabilization projects at Spring Creek Park and Walnut Springs Park   200
15. Establish trails and park entrance work at the new “Thompson’s Woods Municipal Preserve” (43 acres) 200
16. Install trailhead entrance ramp at Walnut Spring Park (19 acres) 120
17. Assist with 5 major ballfield renovations (grading, seeding, equipment installations) on 3 tracts leased by the Authority from the State College Area School District 250
18. Grade and reseed new area for the on-ground ice-rink at Blue Spring Park in Boalsburg 80
19. Pedestrian bridge repairs and improvements (BOCA Code and ADA) at Fasick, Spring Creek and Walnut Springs Parks 645
20. * Finish construction of information kiosks at Spring Creek and Slab Cabin Parks (install bulletin boards w/ plywood & plexiglass to display park information) 50
21. Renovate & improve two sand volleyball courts at Spring Creek Park; remove roots & repair asphalt on walking paths 100
22. Playground equipment improvements and minor installations (benches, etc.) 500
23. Plant Remembrance Trees and maintenance of previously-planted trees 133
24. Restore planting beds at various municipal parks 150
25. * Construct wooden shelving and storage boxes for use at public parks and two community swimming pools 80
26. Renovate (strip soil and grade) ballfield at Haymarket Park  80
C. At Centre County Historical Society (on CCHS property, ½ mile from the nature center):  Parks Subtotal
 2,588 mh
27. Renovation & restoration of landscape planting areas around Centre Furnace Mansion  80
28. Removal of invasive species / Restoration of landscape plantings around the old iron furnace structure. 80
29. Install walking paths in furnace stack area. 80
30. Outline archaeological remains with stones/plant materials. 40
31. Construct and install interpretive signs. 50
32. Plant banks with native plants/stabilize stormwater runoff area. 30
33. Assist in installation of water runoff swale on east side of Porter Road. 60
34. Remove plant materials and replant creek bed area as needed. 30
35. Demolish garage/storage buildings. 36
36. Continue restoration of small barn to east of mansion.  120
37 * Interior painting of Mansion. 120
CCHS Subtotal
726 mh
PCC will also provide 75% reimbursement (up to $20,000) for materials for these projects. GRAND TOTAL
7,185 mh

The CRPR Authority is a publicly-funded, municipal agency serving 5 municipalities since 1966. The Authority also maintains 501c3 status.
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