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CRPR Garden Plot Information


Visit the ACGA WebsiteCRPR oversees the operation of the community garden plots established in 2005.

The plots resulted from the efforts of the Tom Tudek Memorial Trust, Ferguson Township and volunteer Joe Banks.

The 2016 gardening season officially
starts on Sat. 9 April 2016 and
will end on Sun., 27 Nov 2016.

For the season start:

  • Each plot will be marked and numbered by staff.
  • Once freezing temperatures are no longer a factor, the water spigot will be available ( for gardeners using buckets ONLY; hoses remain strictly prohibited.

A portable toilet unit is available (year-round) near the dog park area.

Each gardener agrees to abide by all of the 2016 regulations as noted on the Garden Plot Agreement and understands that the seasonal plot permit may be terminated at any time for violation of that Agreement.

In order to control costs, delivered compost will remain very limited.  As a result, only 2 wheelbarrow loads of the CRPR-delivered compost may be applied per single plot; gardeners are responsible for furnishing additional compost for their own plot.

Please do not use any hay or straw that is in or near the barn.

2016 CRPR Garden Plot
Rules & Regulation (PDF)

Garden Plot Map (PDF)

Click here to view the 2010 Garden Plot Map (PDF)

Fall 2006 aerial photo courtesy of
Mr. Karl Mierzejewski

CRPR Garden Plot Rental Fee History:
2005 & 2006
$15 (~5¢/sf)
$25 (~4¢/sf)
$20 (~7¢/sf)
$30 (~5¢/sf)
2010 & 2011
$23 (~8¢/sf)
$35 (~6¢/sf)
$27 (~9¢/sf)
$50 (~8¢/sf)

The CRPR Authority Board approved that the rental rates for 2016 remain unchanged from the 2012-2015 rates.

Photo by Trish Meek

The Tudek Park Community Gardens

Photo by Trish Meek, 15 Jul 2011



  • All wooden stakes, excluding the plot corner stakes, must be removed and piled neatly beside the tool shed.
  • All plastic coverings, fencing, tomato cages, trellis structures, structures, garden ornaments or watering cans must be removed.
  • All plants and weeds, excluding perennials and cool season crops which are still producing, must be removed from the plots and placed in the appropriate bin outside the fence. Cover crops may remain. Any compost piles must be spread across the plot or removed from the site.
  • Plastic compost bins may remain at the owners risk, but they must be secured so that sections do not blow away.
Soil Test Results
April 2010 (Plot#41)
c/o Marion Deppen

May 2012 (Adjacent Plots #1 & 7)
c/o Karl Mierzejewski

MESSAGE FROM KARL ON 24 JAN 2013: "I was struck by the differences between Marion’s plot and mine which are separated by just 40 yards. These divergent results show the potential risks (such as making an acidic soil even more acidic) that gardeners face if they perform soil treatments based on the analyses of nearby plots. I would encourage all gardeners to submit their soil test results to CRPR so that we could see how much variation there is in the community garden and whether there are any common soil nutrition values which could generally apply." 
Link to Plot Map (PDF)      Other soil test results may be emailed to CRPR c/o Carey Prebble
  • With proper maintenance and plot clean-up, the balance of each 2016 Security Deposit will be available after 30 Nov 2016 for (1) a refund or (2) a credit towards 2017 garden plot fees.
  • The Security Deposit will be forfeited partially or in full (without refund or credit) if the plot is not properly maintained and cleaned-up as specified above and in the Garden Plot Rules.
  • Permit holdres may not sublet or transfer their plot to another gardener.
  • Inquiries about the CRPR Community Garden Program may be directed to CRPR Staff Asst. Carey Prebble (231-3071).

Garden Plot Waitlist: Names may still be added to the waiting list, which is continued from year to year. Please contact the CRPR office at 231-3071 or EMAIL Carey Prebble to have your name added to the waiting list - a full name, postal address and phone number are required to enroll on the waitlist. Vacant plots will be provided to those on the waitlist in the order of their listing. In fairness to others on the waitlist, transferring waitlist positions to other individuals or households is not permitted.

Total of 109 Plots = 58 single plots (@ 300 sf) + 51 double plots (@ 600 sf).
24 of the plots are classified (but not certfied) as "organic"with respect to chemical applications.

On 17 Jan 2014: There were 57 households on the waitlist.
On 7 Apr 2014: There were 39 households on the waitlist.
On 22 Apr 2014: There were 27 households on the waitlist.
On 08 Aug 2014: There were 41 households on the waitlist.
On 21 Oct 2014: There were 45 households on the waitlist.
On 6 Jan 2015: There were 53 households on the waitlist.
On 1 Apr 2015: All 110 garden plots for 2015 have now been rented.  The waitlist has been reduced to 14 households.
On 11 May 2015: There were 23 households on the waitlist.
On 13 Jul 2015: There were 29 households on the waitlist.
On 15 Oct 2015: There were 38 households on the waitlist.
On 24 Dec 2015: There were 38 households on the waitlist.
On 27 Jan 2016: The waitlist stands at 34 households. The waitlist roster continues from year to year; new households continue to be added via EMAIL requests (name, local postal address and phone are required). Transferring waitlist positions to other individuals or households is not permitted. NOTE: 30 available plots will be offered individually to waitlist contacts in the order they were added to that list.
A number of other community gardens are offered in the Centre Region:
  • Patton Township operates garden plots as detailed on this webpage.
  • Penn State University Community Gardens website
  • In Harris Township, 21 community garden plots are in service; for information please visit the group's Facebook page or contact volunteer Ms. Nellie Bhattarai at (570) 506-6646.

In addition, the Phase 2 plan for Whitehall Road Regional Park includes a 100,000 sq. ft (2.3 acres) area desingated for new community garden plots.  The Phase 1 facilities for this new park are expected to open in Fall 2017. After that, plans to add the community garden area will be developed; construction of the community garden area will then proceed pending available funding.

The CRPR Authority is a publicly-funded, municipal agency serving 5 municipalities. The Authority also maintains 501c3 status.
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