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DG Basket (Sample)Circleville Park Disc Golf Course
"Group Event Permits"

The CRPR Board officially adopted on 8 May 2008 the processes for issuing Group Event Permits for use of the Circleville Park Disk Golf Course:

1. That the Director is authorized to issue Group Event Permits for use of the course, but for not more than two group events per week (Monday through Sunday); Please note that no (non-family) group event may be conducted at any municipal park without a permit, as provided in the Municipal Park Ordinances.

2. That any event fees charged by the reserving group cannot be levied to authorize access to or use of the course;

3. That any group charging any fee for their event must also provide this Liability Release / Waiver (in PDF) to CRPR;

4. That a Group Event Permit does not include a pavilion reservation (which are available via the standard process);

5. That the agency devise a way to post the reservation schedule at the start of the course, along with the course map and course rules sign; the posting of any non-agency signs or notices requires the written authorization of the Director;

6. That all group permits issued will be non-exclusive (i.e., those not associated with the group event may still use the course during the reserved period) except by special action of the Board;

7. That the Large Group Event Policy and related fees apply for any events with over 100 visitors;

8. That all aspects of the Municipal Parks Ordinance will apply to the Disk Golf Course.

To apply for a Group Event Permit, please contact CRPR at (814) 231-3071 or by email. Please provide all proposed event details in the request (start & end dates, start and end times, group information, contact information, any event fees proposed, alternate weather plans, ages served, etc.).

Please see the COURSE EVENT SCHEDULE for approved group events scheduled there.

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