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DG Basket (Sample)Circleville Park Disc Golf Course
Rules and Course Map (9-holes)

In addition, the 9-hole course is open at Bernel Road Park.  More...
During 2015, Patton Twp. will be adding 9 more holes to the Bernel Road Park course.

  • The park (and the disc golf course) was constructed by the Township of Patton and is operated and maintained by Centre Region Parks and Recreation (CRPR)  (814) 231-3071
  • Google MAP to Circleville Park at 3225 Circleville Road, Port Matilda, PA 16870
  • Circleville Park is open during daylight hours only.
  • The course is open to all on a first-come, first-serve, space-available basis.  The Group Event Permit Process was adopted by the CRPR Board in 2008. Click HERE to review that process.
  • In only rare cases (those specifically authorized by the CRPR Board) will a Group Event Permit allow exclusive use of the course.
  • Please see the Course Event Schedule for approved group events scheduled there.
  • By ordinance, all pets must be on a leash (max. length 6 ft.); pet owners must immediately clean up after their pets.

Rules for Recreational Play

GENERAL: Disc golf is played like ball golf using a flying disc. The object is to have fun playing the course from beginning to end in the fewest throws.

TEE OFF: Tee throws must be released from the tee pad.

LIE: The spot where the disc lands.

THROWING ORDER: After the tee-off, the player whose lie is the farthest from the basket throws first. The player with the lowest score on the previous hole is the first to tee-off on the next hole. It is NOT necessary to start at Hole #1, but all players are asked to be respectful of play-throughs.

FAIRWAY THROWS: Fairway throws must be made with the foot closest to the basket on the lie. The other foot may be no closer to the basket than the lie. A run-up and follow through is permitted.

COMPLETION OF HOLE: A hole is complete when the disc is in the basket.

OUT OF BOUNDS: A throw that lands out of bounds must be played from the point where the disc went out (1 throw penalty).

COURSE COURTESY: Do not throw until the players or park users are out of range! Please provide for courteous Play Throughs.

To learn more about disc golf in the local area, visit the website of the

Centre County Disc Golf Association (CCDGA).

This group promotes disc golf locally with leagues and events, and also keeps everyone up-to-date on rules changes, other events in and around the PA area, and events taking place in other states. You can usually find someone to play a round with via the club's Facebook page too!


Circleville Park DGC - 9 holes

Circleville Park DGC

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Bernel Park Road DGC - 18 holes

Bernel Road Park DGC

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Calvary Harvest Fields DGC - 18 holes

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If you'd like to get involved locally with disc golf or want to learn more about the sport,

visit the Centre County Disc Golf Association!


Disk Golf Assn. RULES

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