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Centre Region Parks & Recreation Authority
Millbrook Marsh Nature Center
548 Puddintown Road, College Township
Nature Center Office: (814) 235-7919
The Mission of the Millbrook Marsh Nature Center is to educate and inspire people about the natural world, and to instill a passion for the environment through
science, history, culture and art.


Click here for programs for all ages.

INSECT SAFARI                Grades K to 3
This program guides children to explore the marsh on an insect search and offers activities that teach about bug basics, special adaptations, insect eyes, and more about the bug world!

WATERSHEDS & WETLANDS              Grades 2 to 5
Why are wetlands so important? What is a watershed? Learn about the importance of wetlands and how they act like a natural filter. Explore the marsh and understand this important habitat. Also understand watersheds and the area where we live.

BEGINNING BIRDWATCHING              Grades K to 5
Learn about birds and their characteristics, while exploring Millbrook Marsh. Also, begin learning the art of birdwatching with our pre-set course, before practicing on live birds! A great way to start out and begin learning about local birds.

WETLAND CRITTERS           Grades K to 3
What animals make their homes in marshes and wetlands? Why is a wetland a unique habitat? Learn about animals and their habitats while exploring the marsh, understand life cycles, explore food chains, and much more! (Please note: Live captive animals will not be used during this program.)

STREAM STUDY             Grades K to 5
What animals live in the stream? What are macro-invertebrates? Explore the stream at MMNC and learn about the animals that live in the water. Understand what these creatures can tell us about the water and why water is so important to marshes and marsh animals. (Wear water boots or shoes!)

To schedule a group program:
1. Please review this brochure and visit our website for information regarding program options and fees.
2. Consider the date and time you would like to bring your group to the Nature Center.
3. Contact the Nature Center Program Coordinator to reserve your date and to discuss options and arrangements.
4. An information packet will be mailed to you along with an invoice for the program fees. All fees should be paid in full prior to the program.

Please Note:
~All programs are designed to have low impact on the marsh and are facilitated by nature center staff and volunteers.
~These programs are designed for groups of 20 or less. If you have more than 20 children, please be prepared to schedule two program sessions.
~Programs last approximately 2 hours in length.
~All or most activities will be held outdoors. All visitors should be prepared for seasonal temperatures, wind, rain, or mud.

Fee Information:
~Program Fee is $7 per participant, paid in advance.
~The facility for the program (either the barn or the pavilion) will be determined by the Nature Center Recreation Supervisor.
~All children attending the program must be registered at the time the program is scheduled. This includes siblings and friends who are present with members of the group. A charge of $7 per person will be due on-site for any extra participants in the program. Refunds or credits are not provided for those who do not come on the day of the program.
~Babies or small children may attend the program with their parents at no charge if they will not be participating. Any child participating in the program activities must pay the program fee.
~There is no charge for adults for childrens programs, so please bring staff or chaperones to match the needs and ages of your group.

For more information or to schedule a group program, please contact the Nature Center Supervisor, Melissa Kauffman, at (814) 235-7819.

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