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Centre Region Parks & Recreation Authority
Millbrook Marsh Nature Center Advisory Committee
Wed., 15 APR 09, 4:00 PM at the MMNC Service Building

1.       CALL TO ORDER & ROLL CALL: (13 of 16 Appointed Members)

          Dr. Rick Marboe, Chair                  Dr. Rob Brooks                             Mary Alice Graetzer 

          Don Epp                                       Jennifer Shuey, Vice-chair              Kathy Matason

          Alan Sam                                     Mark Henry                                  Jackie Melander

          MJ Kitt                                         Holly Fritchman                            Diane Kerly

          Robert Ayer 

          CRPR Staff: Molly Hetrick


          -        18 Feb 09 Meeting Summary                                                         (Attachment #1)

          -        18 Mar 09 Meeting Summary                                                  (Attachment #2) 

Motion made to accept both summaries by Kathy Matason, Second by Bob Ayer

3.       CAPITAL PROJECT UPDATE c/o the Building Subcommittee

                  College Township Council Meeting: action on the Land Development Plan

                              Thursday, 16 Apr 09, 7:00 pm @ College Twp Bldg.


Education Bldg: Rick Marboe updated the committee on discussions of the Building Subcommittee that have focused on ways to cut costs, including a switch from a metal to wood roof and other interior reductions. The subcommittee is also considering the option of building Phase 1 & 2 together, so that the remaining shell can be outfitted after the project is completed. This would also be a way to encourage additional donors to support the final trimming of the building. A meeting is scheduled on April 27 to discuss progress with Mr. Hamer and update him on the amended schedule, which includes a Sept 15 start date. A permit related to the sewer system has a possible 60 day turn-around period, so this has delayed the project.

Parking Area: Rick Marboe updated the committee that he and Mr. Finley will be contacting Mr. Hawbaker to pursue the parking lot issue. If this is not successful, other construction companies will be approached with this project.


                  Formalize a recommendation to CRRA to waive the fees for the Spring Creek Day Event on 04 Oct 09 from noon - 5 PM as requested by ClearWater Conservancy: Jennifer Shuey The regular fee is estimated at $320. (Based upon an email recommendation, this request was forwarded the CRRA for action on 9 Apr 09. Motion by Rick Marboe, Second by Bob Ayer

                  Formalize a recommendation to CRRA to submit an application to list Millbrook Marsh and surrounding green areas as “Wetlands of International Importance” under the Ramsar Treaty: Dr. Rob Brooks. (The information was distributed to the CRRA for their 9 Apr 09 meeting. Action on the request will be made at their 14 May 09 meeting.) Motion by Rick Marboe, Second by Bob Ayer    

                  Forest Stewardship Plan: A proposal for ClearWater Conservancy to work with Penn State's Forest Stewardship program to develop and implement a plan for Thompson Woods Preserve: Mr. Alan Sam

                    Alan shared details about this proposal, including Thompson Woods Preserve, Walnut Springs Park, and Leaderer Park. This will compliment the conservation easement and include similar components such as invasive species removal. This plan will be professionally developed by the Bureau of Forestry. The committee asked questions about the costs of this project and it was determined that the owners of the site, State College Borough and College Township, will handle any costs. The committee supported this project, with the understanding that no costs will be asked of the nature center to support the plan. Motion by Alan Sam, Second by Rob Brooks


                  Spring & Summer Program Report: Molly

Molly shared some enjoyable stories with the committee members and reported the Earth Day Birthday Celebration was a great success with 550 visitors, the biggest event yet! Staff training is in progress and Molly is pleased with the staff performance and with Melissa, the new Program Coordinator. Attendance to spring programs, such as Knee High Naturalists, has been low due to the cold rainy weather this spring. The Spring School Group Program schedule is almost full and many of those groups are using Connections funds to attend. Molly is also beginning to work on the 2010 budget ideas and Summer Camp preparations.

                  Facilities Update: Greg

Greg was unable to attend but reported through Molly that the PCC continues to work on their projects and the maintenance team is working hard on mowing and other projects.

                  Thompson Woods Subcommittee Report: Alan Sam

Alan reported the trimming has been done along the powerline and College Township repaired the bridge near the YBC building.

6.       ADJOURNMENT       Next Meeting: Wed., 20 May 09 at 4 PM at the MMNC Barn
(Note: The May meeting was subsequently cancelled)

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