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Centre Region Parks & Recreation Authority
Millbrook Marsh Nature Center Advisory Committee

Wed., 18 FEB 09, 4:00 PM at the COG Forum Room

1.         CALL TO ORDER & ROLL CALL: (11 of 16 Appointed Members)

              Dr. Rick Marboe, Chair                   Dr. Rob Brooks          Mary Alice Graetzer          Don Epp

              Jennifer Shuey, Vice-chair               Alan Sam               Jackie Melander                 Holly Fritchman

              Robert Ayer                                     Diane Kerly           Mark McLaughlin

              CRPR Staff:        Molly Hetrick, Greg Roth, Ron Woodhead


            21 Jan 09 Meeting Summary was approved on a motion by Bob Ayer w/ second by Jennifer Shuey.

3.         CAPITAL PROJECT UPDATE c/o the Building Subcommittee

            •          Status Report: Rick Marboe provided an update for the committee including the regrading needed to make ADA accessible paths, adding wells to the property for the geo-thermal system, and running utilities to the new building. Using Best Practices is a priority for this construction.

            •          Funding Letter to Senator Corman c/o Rick Marboe & Sue Mascolo: Rick reported this letter was prepared and sent at the suggestion of Mrs. Mascolo to continue encouraging the release of the state funds for this project.

            •          Parking Area construction: Rick reported the project requires parking based on College Township Ordinance review and it will be important for the Visitor Parking Area project to begin. An interim lot was considered, but instead of building this the Building Subcommittee felt it was more important to begin on the planned Visitor Parking Area. With some grant money from CPCVB to support materials, the committee must continue to coordinate with Mr. Hawbaker for the donated services that were outlined in this grant.

            •          LEED certification via Penn State OPP: Steve Maruszewski has assigned a LEED manager to this project. PSU OPP staff that have trained and certified in LEED are in need of a project to use these new skills, so this partnership benefits PSU staff with experience. Currently the Silver Certification is the goal.

            •          Discuss condition of the willow tree near the Service Bldg: Alan Sam and Greg Roth reported the willow tree near the Service Building should be removed. Discussion began with the need to remove this tree for grading and pathways, but Alan added that this tree has already begun to die back and will possibly only survive for 5 more years. The committee discussed the options and decided for safety reasons it must be removed. Greg and Alan have been asked to coordinate with the consultants to find a suitable replacement for this tree (as part of an overall landscape plan), as the Committee feels strongly that this courtyard area should be shaded and include suitable trees. A motion was made that “The Advisory Committee recommends the removal of the willow tree because of its condition and tasks Alan and Greg to develop a recommendation for a suitable replacement tree.” Motion by Rick Marboe, second by Don Epp. Passed unanimously.


            •          Winter / Spring Program Report: Molly reported that summer camp registration began on February 2 and the response to MMNC specialty camps was overwhelming. By the end of the first day, several camps were full. Currently, all camps are full with the exception of Fly Fishing for Trout Camp, which has only three remaining open spaces. Molly also reported a new Program Coordinator has been hired (Jill Price) and she will begin in March. Jill brings environmental education experience, as well as team-building and staff management skills, so Molly is very excited to have her on the staff. Spring group program scheduling has begun and the ClearWater Connections grants will support about 800 students this Spring.

            •          Program Subcommittee Report: The program subcommittee met during February to begin discussing upcoming programs and reviewing the needs of the center to sustain us into 2010. New ideas for summer are being considered and another meeting is planned for later in February. Also, creative marketing ideas are being brainstormed to help advertise and fill our current programs.

            •          Facilities Update: Greg reported progress is still being made on the wetlab painting and lighting installations by the PCC crew and he hopes by May to begin rearranging the lab furniture and preparing the space for uses by visitors & students.

5.         ADJOURNMENT               Next Meeting: Wed., 18 Mar 09 at 4 PM at the COG Building

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