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An agency of the Centre Region Council of Governments, State College, PA 16801
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Centre Region Parks & Recreation Authority
Millbrook Marsh Nature Center Advisory Committee
Wed., 18 FEB 09, 4:00 PM at the COG Forum Room

Please advise Molly if you will be unable to attend.

 1.         CALL TO ORDER & ROLL CALL: 16 Appointed Members

         Dr. Rick Marboe, Chair                   Dr. Rob Brooks                                Mary Alice Graetzer          Don Epp
         Jennifer Shuey, Vice-chair               Kathy Matason                                 Alan Sam           Dr. Carolyn Mahan
         Steve Maruszewski                          Jackie Melander                               MJ Kitt               Holly Fritchman
       Robert Ayer                                     Diane Kerly                                      Mark McLaughlin             Mark Henry
        CRPR Staff:        Molly Hetrick, Greg Roth, Ron Woodhead


             -          21 Jan 09 Meeting Summary                                                                              (Attachment #1)

3.         CAPITAL PROJECT UPDATE c/o the Building Subcommittee

             •          Status Report

            •          Funding Letter to Senator Corman c/o Rick Marboe & Sue Mascolo            (Attachment #2)

            •          Parking Area construction

            •          LEED certification via Penn State OPP

            •          Discuss condition of the willow tree near the Service Bldg.


             •          Winter / Spring Program Report: Molly Hetrick

            •          Program Subcommittee Report: Molly & Jennifer

            •          Facilities Update: Greg Roth           

5.         ADJOURNMENT    

                        Next Meeting: Wed., 18 Mar 09 at 4 PM at the COG Building

The CRPR Authority is a publicly-funded, municipal agency serving 5 municipalities since 1966. The Authority also maintains 501c3 status.
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