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Centre Region Parks & Recreation Authority
Millbrook Marsh Nature Center Advisory Committee
Wed., 21 JAN 09, 4:00 PM at the COG Forum Room
Please advise Molly if you will be unable to attend.

1.         CALL TO ORDER & ROLL CALL: 16 Appointed Members

              Dr. Rick Marboe, Chair                   Dr. Rob Brooks             Mary Alice Graetzer          Don Epp
              Jennifer Shuey, Vice-chair               Kathy Matason           Alan Sam                    Dr. Carolyn Mahan
              Steve Maruszewski                          Jackie Melander         MJ Kitt                       Holly Fritchman
              Robert Ayer                                     Diane Kerly             Mark McLaughlin             Mark Henry
              CRPR Staff:        Molly Hetrick, Greg Roth, Ron Woodhead 


                         - 15 Oct 08 (a quorum was not present)                                                 (Attachment #1)
                    - 17 Dec 08                                                                                         (Attachment #2)


• Welcome reappointed committee volunteers!

Jennifer Shuey

Steve Maruszewski

Kathy Matason

MJ Kitt 

Holly Fritchman

Jackie Melander  

Dr. Rob Brooks

Mary Alice Graetzer

Dr. Rick Marboe

Diane Kerly

• Review 2009 Draft Committee Rosters (final copies available at Feb mtg.) (Attachments #3 & #4)

          • Approve 2009 Meeting Schedule: 3rd Wednesday of each month, 4 PM                            (Action)

          • Election of Officers for 2009                                                                                               (Action)

                        Chair:                          (Rick Marboe served as Chair for 2008 and Vice-Chair for 2005-2007 )

                        Vice-Chair:                 (Jennifer Shuey served as Vice-Chair for 2008 and Chair for 2005-2007)

            • Confirm membership of subcommittees for 2009:

                        Thompson Woods Subcommittee (includes Stan Yoder Preserve):
Todd Litzinger, Janet Dargitz, Jennifer Shuey (or appointed ClearWater representative), Greg Roth, Alan Sam

                        Building Subcommittee:
(The 2009 Chair); Kathy Matason; Steve Maruszewski; Molly Hetrick; Greg Roth


• Winter / Spring Program Report: Molly

• Facilities Update: Greg


•2009 Fee Policy: Molly

Advisory Committee members made individual recommendations via email to endorse the 2009 Fee Policy for Authority action. An official motion and vote is requested. (This item is included from the December 08 Meeting because there was no quorum) (Action)


• Building Subcommittee Report (14 Jan 09 Meeting): Rick

7.         ADJOURNMENT     Next Meeting: Wed., 18 Feb 09 at 4 PM at the COG Building

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